What we (probably) know about Project Indus / "Oxide Unannounced", a rumored Xbox Global Publishing new IP

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BRING IT BACK!! :slight_smile:

Kind like a more simmy and in depth… was it Sanctum the tower defense FPS combination Count me in.

Halo: Cities

Just wanna throw that out there. You build colonies for the UNSC in outer space and have to defend them from wild fauna and Covenant attacks.

That is what I would like it to be.


I researched a bit and Oxide made substantially three things:

  • its homemade engine tailoerd for handling a myriad of objects, the Nitrous Engine.

  • a real time demo of the engine, Star Swarm.

  • a DLC for Ashes of Singularity, much better received than the base game itself. XD

The game for Xbox will be their first big project. I would speculate Halo Wars 3, but 343i said it’s done for the time being (aka there is not a new one in active development) and Gears Tactics is another genre completely. I can’t see a RTS/management spin-off of another Xbox (not Bethesda, make no mistake) series, so new IP?


very interested

not enough city building games out there

Hmm Halo Wars 3?

Edit. I think it’s something Halo related

How awesome would it be if we were getting a brand new Zoo Tycoon?

A man can dream…

This is pretty exciting. I feel like Microsoft is trying to lead the comeback of the strategy genre. There’s no reason for it not to come back. A lot of the gameplay mechanics are ageless. Modernizing the game engines could expand the interest from the mainstream.

I still want Age of Mythology to return. That said, Fireaxis is the Xcom 2 devs. One of my top 3 games from last gen. Wonder if this game engine is intended to support both real time and turn based strategy games.


Made up of firaxis and ms devs?

Im interested



I dont think this is Halo related and Klobb presumably confirmed it up top.

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The job listings on oxides website definitely call this a new AAA IP with a large first party publisher.

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a new Rise of Nations maybe :oh_wow_think: :oh_wow_think: :oh_wow_think:

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Hey I know that redditor, that’s me :laughing:


imagining this is a new Starcraft game just because.

Could be a 4x game with city building and real time strategy.

A bit too much, no? XD

Anyway, it’s anyone guess, I hope we’ll see it next E3, I doubt this would be a TGA announcement. Maybe if there is really an X0 for the 20 years or a mythical Xbox show in the forst months of the year. XD

Being already in active testing and seeing all the other titles are already announced bar Gears…

This is a first-party game, Total War exists and Warhammer is a massive undertaking. If a 3rd party studio can manage that, imagine if they had first-party funding.

It would certainly revolutionize the genre.

Total War is partly turn based managment and partly rts during combat, it’s no 4X nor city building. I can’t how merge all these genres together. My dream game from MS would be a modern Freelancer, a space trading and combat space game with a similar concept to the X games and Elite Dangerous, but without the procedurally generated galaxy which is usueless.

Halo Wars Wars. It’s a game about putting Halo Wars players against Halo Wars players