What removed features do you miss?

For me it’s the snap feature that launched with the Xbox One. I game in my living room and I can’t really set up a laptop or PC to have tv shows playing in the background. The snap in feature was great for having a tv show or YouTube series playing while grinding in games like Destiny and Diablo 3.


A more comprehensive activity log on the Nintendo Switch. The one on the 3DS is so good!

Snap, no doubt. An excellent idea, under utilized and poorly executed.

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Kinect voice commands were 10 times better than Cortana.

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Anybody remember smartglass and the connectivity features?

oh man. I’ve been playing Dead Rising 3 recently and while the current app handles the phone integration ok, I think Smart Glass was way better

Snap was cool. The ESPN app allows you to watch multiple channels at once (recent update) and that made me remember/miss snap.

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Snap was really cool and quick and I think before Xbox One launch they were about to offer us the ability to resell our games digitally. Would love to it that fully expanded.

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Birthday welcome on the Wii U:

… or just the quirkiness and playfulness of 3DS’s & Wii U’s system in general.

Snap and VMU’s for the dreamcast

Miss the Xbox 360 achievement tracking system. I hate the new system. Much more prone to bugs and failure. If the servers goes poop your achievement can stuck for month before it unlocks or never unlock at all.

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I really miss XBox Live Arcade, can’t quite believe MS didn’t look to build on it with the One

Yeah, Snap was fantastic to have. Though I kinda worked around the issue since, as I have a computer monitor next to my TV where I often send cable, YouTube, Netflix, etc. in the background while I do gaming.

The ability to copy CDs to the Xbox and have the music play in the background , but not interfere with the sound effects. Playing rallisport challenge 2 with a 2 many djs album is one of my best memories of the original Xbox.

Oh god yes the achievement tracking was so much better!

Always-on, jk.

The number of 100% completions on your profile page from the 360 dash.

i miss the many demos we got on 360. The recent summer game fest was awesome in this regard with over 50 demos but lastet only a week.

I miss the old Xbox Live Indie Marketplace, i got lots of wierd and strange games from there.

There’s the Creators Program page now. I wouldn’t say most games are quite on the level of the XBLIG classics, but there’s some fun stuff.

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