What pricing and marketing strategy will Sony choose?


Option 3: $599 for the Disc version, $499 for the Digital Edition.


Has anyone broke down what they think each part will cost, based on past consoles and bulk purchase prices?


Ps5 SoC - $120 16gb gddr6 - $112

Xss SoC - $70 10gb g6 - $70

Etc etc. I think it would be useful.

I’m going with $399/$499. We shall see!

So my guess work and this x1/ps4 BOM price here is where I think PS5de will land


PS5 de

  1. SoC 125
  2. RAM 112
  3. PSU 25
  4. SSD 60
  5. Mechanical/electromechanical 35
  6. Other (electronic content) 50
  7. Controller 27
  8. Other boxed content 10

Total = $444 BOM

Now the question is how much will these things cos on XSS

  1. SoC 80
  2. RAM 70
  3. PSU 15
  4. SSD 30
  5. Mechanical/electromechanical 20
  6. Other (electronic content) 35
  7. Controller 20
  8. Other boxed content 10

Total = $280 BOM Thats potentially $164 less then PS5de, when you factor in shipping and retailer cutwe are looking @$500 for PS5de and $330 for XSS.

In conclusion of this guess work, I think it is possible sony could go for $399 with $101 loss per unit, but Microsofts $50 loss seems more realistic here.

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Everyone is expecting the PS5DE to be 399.00 but I am just not sure. Yes the APU is smaller than Series X, but their I/O solution and their force feedback controllers see expensive. If they can keep the prices down though more power to them! I a very interested to see how things shake out.

I think Sony is a bit screwed here Microsoft at $299 series s and $499 probably for X Sony should price at $449 and $499 to take a small loss on each console(just like Xbox is probably).

If Sony panics a bit and decides to put the digital one out at 399$ or the normal at 449$ Microsoft could come down 50$ with their consoles as well.

Heck Microsoft could announce a controller less bundle for both consoles for 50$ less. Having their Xbox one controllers be forwards compatible gives them some good options too. I’m sure they will allow orders without a controller through online retailers like amazon or their Microsoft store.

MS is gunna eat Sony’s lunch in the US.

I think Sony would take a bigger at 399$ on their digital edition than Microsoft would at 249$ on the series S.

I know it sounds counter productive, but if I was Sony I would release both at $499 but add in a year of PSNow or PSPlus with the Digital edition. I think it’s safe to say that PS5 will be sold out or close to it for the next year or so and taking a $100 loss (speculating here) simply doesn’t make any sense right now.

I guess we’ll see how rattled they are by the $299 Xbox and I really hope they release the DE for $399 cause that would be great for us (consumers), but I would be shocked if that happened.

I think Sony will price the DE at $399 after thinking about it. They sort of have little choice with the price of the Series S. A $100 difference is something I think Sony can market their way around. However, a $150 difference is just too much I reckon.

Yeah, I think they will take the big hit. I actually think sony are more fearful of Microsoft and business decline then people think. Jim Ryan has spoken about not resting on there laurals , so I dont think they will want give such a large price advantage to Microsoft.

Well PlayStation is a massive part of Sony’s overall business, so if it suffers the whole company suffers while for Microsoft they can ride any downturn no problem in the Xbox business.

The thing is the console business has been largely stagnant for years now in terms of console sales and Sony is unlikely to increase their share of the overall pie I reckon, so it is imperative they don’t lose any market share. However, if Sony does start losing significant money on console sales it will be interesting how Sony goes about increasing their revenue.

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I dont see how playstations marketshare does not decrease next gen, the only this does not happen is if Xss/XsX does worse then the xbox one and that makes no sense at all.

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I agree. I still think the PS5 will outsell Xbox but Sony’s market share will decrease. So many things went right for Sony this gen and Microsoft has already prevented some of them from repeating this coming gen such as price and power.

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Guessing PS5 is $500 for discless, $550 for the normal one. There was a leak a while back where some dev said that was what they were hearing iirc.

I’ll go with PS5DE starting at $399, they’ll take big losses in the first year. They will release a 5nm slim console in 2022 (I dont think 2021 makes sense). This will improve their cost, 5nm will bring significant power saving, and improve yields. Allows for a smaller console, and lower component costs.

I seriously doubt Sony goes cheap here, there is just no reason for them to. They have a loyal fanbase and are the mindshare leader. Even if they price high I’d wager plenty of their fanbase will just wait on them for a price drop. This is why they can go high and just lower the price later if sales stagnate. They don’t need to start low. That said they can’t go too high and lose that mindshare. Xbox has some positive press again so they at least have to play it honest, they can’t just drop a $699 console.

The positive reaction to the Series S is probably the best thing to happen to those planning on buying a PS5 at launch. It will keep Sony in check, which in turn keeps MS in check.

I think the DE will be at $499, maybe $549

If the standard console was $499 why be so cagey with the price?

Yeah. Although I do believe Xbox has a job to do this coming week clearly showing why going with the Series S shall not hinder your next gen experience by much, and perhaps do that by showing a gameplay on Series X and Series S side by side, with some visual downgrades at max and a lower native resolution.

What would be even more impressive is them showing a 4K upscaled footage of a game like FH4 or Dirt 5 running at 4K 60 with all the bells and whistles using DirectML and Velocity Architecture. Racing games also seem safer in the sense that achieving realism is much easier on them than something like an action packed combat game, but it’d be good enough I feel to have that safety net showing customers why you’re not gonna get severely handicapped but also establish their focus on AI and ML being used to make the games run and look better, especially for PC players who shall be getting Nvidia cards to see and realise wait it’s cool that a console is getting the same kinda tech, might invest in that for the cheap price.

Another very important thing they should market is show new optimized file sizes for some games. Show a game taking up 100 gigs on current gen HDD, then show the same game optimized for SSD and Velocity Architecture, taking up 50gb or some ridiculous shit like that. This will be to drive home the fact that 512GB SSD could be enough, unless they really want to be predatory enough to start forcing proprietary SSDs very soon, then that shall be a bummer. All in all, the next “event” needs to drive home a lot of things omitted from previous shows and I hope that is sooner than later.

I can say right now that Sony will lose marketshare in the UK and US, with the kind of deals MS are offering for the Series S. Both of those markets are incredibly value centric and go where the best deals are.

Of course. How could Sony possibly even win more marketshare in the UK and US over Xbox? The PS4 was perfect and the Xbox One a huge fumble in most ways. To improve on that would be super hard.

I would expect Sony to market leader position in the UK and US and possibly other Anglo-Saxon markets like CA, AU and NZ

EMEA and Asia will still be Sonyland, tho