What other Xbox forums were you on before?

So over the years what other Xbox Forums were you on?

I hope most of us remember Teamxbox and how great that was. I spent a lot of lot of time on Team xbox very sad when it got gobbled up. Also was on the Xbox section of the IGN forums going back to the early 2000s them buying Teamxbox was bad as they did nothing with it.

I’m really excited about Xbox Era it’s been a LONG time since Xbox fans had a real home.

Share your experiences on other Xbox forums and maybe ideas that could be brought to this forum.


Teambox… That’s really it. There hasn’t been an “Xbox centric” forum that I’ve been on since. Just generic ones. Even though this forum is generic in that sense as well, we are based on a site that discuss Xbox.

I was on TeamXbox. Really great forum.

Also a few UK forums gamesradar used to have a really good games forum years ago till they messed that up.

Neogaf of course and then Era.

But this place feels good so far, thoughtful games talk. With none of the nonsense. All the best Xbox people here as well.

Yea this place already feels like home, off to a great start.

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Teamxbox, and then mods created new forum Union VGF. I really couldn’t handle dual standards of mods on era/gaf so I spent most of my time on reddit r/xboxone

Yea I still review the Xbox reddits for news. After Teamxbox died xbox reddits were about the only Xbox separated forum around.

My first venture into the online forum world was back in 2005 right around the corner of the Xbox launch with a german forum call AreaXBOX. Good times.

And thats it. I’ve been on a couple of mixed boards since but this feels like home somehow.

Neogaf, then Era. Unfortunately I felt the moderation wasn’t what it could be there.

This ace is the first Xbox centric forum I’ve used, it’s great so far. All the best people are here too!


I think that I was on on TeamXbox some at least at one point, but this site here is such a welcome place to have good Xbox fan discussion after having tried other forums where it seems almost impossible to have Xbox discussion without getting attacked.


This is my first, and I was pretty damn pleased when I saw it was created. Era (and when it was Neogaf) was my only other gaming forums really but there just wasn’t enough positivity around Xbox which is why I’m happy this place now exists.


I could not find any decent ones , so just era and gaf.

Teamxbox was the last busy Xbox leaning forum. Haven’t seen this much traffic in a Xbox forum since then.

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This is the first Xbox centric forum I joined. Been apart of the Xbox boards on gamefaqs, though that’s because I have an account from 2000, so a legacy kinda thing. Tried NeoGaf and it’s ok, but at times it just seems people just wanna dunk reply with meme gifs like on Twitter for likes, rather than actually having discussions.

The official Xbox forums way back when. It was honestly my first forum experience. Shame Microsoft kinda killed them with all the moving and the shift to the Microsoft Community Forums which always seemed more like a Support Forum, instead of a discussion forum.

There was a place called NexGenWars once upon a time that had a counter and everything of console sales lol.

It was through that place I was linked to GAF. Then from GAF obviously to Reset and now…here

The Xbox deals thread on Cheapassgamer is pretty awesome. Date night is Monday at 7 pm so that’s the best time to visit.

I was on Teamxbox from 2005 until it died at the hands of IGN.

GameFAQs, NeoGAF, ResetEra, Twitter (if you want to count it) and now XboxEra. I’m also on Operation Sports site as they do have an Xbox One Thread. And once Series X launches, they will have a new official thread for that. It’s not as active as the PlayStation 4/5 threads but it’s good overall.

Team Xbox a long time ago. There was also a smaller Xbox site and forum run by someone named Chareece. Wish I remembered what it was called. Was also a contributor and mod at Wii60.com before the owner ruined the site leading to all the writers leaving. Again was a mod at Xbox-scene.com a long time ago.

Edit: was also at Gaf and Era but those places are far from Xbox forums.

Checked but didn’t post on NeoGaf and ResetEra. Feel much more at home and not at risk of being attacked for liking Xbox here.