What kind of game do you want for the project of The Initiative?

Tell me your wishes and ideas for a game that you would like to see as a new IP beside the already established ones (Halo, Gears, Forza).

I would love a Perfect Dark reboot, heavily influenced by Splinter Cell gameplay, and with cyberpunk visuals (we all know this’ll be all the rage especially early nextgen).


Okay, interesting. So this means you would prefer to refresh an old IP to a new IP?

Something completely new.

Specific wishes or ideas? :slight_smile:

Give me Perfect Dark.

A 3rd-Person Stealth/Action/TPS with awesome weaponry and tiered objectives based on difficulty.

Corporate Espionage, Government Conspiracy, and a killer soundtrack.

MP with lots of bots.

Basically, make CP2077 in 3rd person. Doesn’t need to be open-world.


I’m basically saying, make a new IP using just the name of the old an well known one for name recognition and easier marketing.

Games that don’t rely on 3 talent trees, hiding in long grass throwing rocks and half assed crafting. I hope they make something new and fresh but wouldn’t be against them making a Perfect dark game.

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I would love a Perfect Dark reboot, with Deus Ex/Cyberpunk/Blade Runner vibes. A strong multiplayer mode, crazy weapons and an amazing soundtrack like the other PD games.

With The Initiative doing the campaign part and The Coalition doing the multiplayer part.

And please, no forced stealth. Game should be closer to James Bond than Splinter cell.

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I want a third person narrative action game. A good one Serious single player not family friendly. Basically what sony has

Joanna Dark is screaming for the Lara Croft treatment in a new game world.

Full reboot into a cyberpunk / corporate espionage third person stealth shooter. Still have carrington v datadyne and you can include Elvis and the other far out alien conspiracies or you can flip that to AI conspiracy


Yes I want the same!

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kinda fitting actually because the head of The Initiative was the head of Crystal Dynamics when they rebooted TR back in 2013 to huge acclaim.

Honestly I’m just expecting to be blown away left and right because of the kind of talent they have garnered.

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I think there’s a good reason why that particular person was hired!!

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Ideally a spiritual successor to Sunset Overdrive. It’s one of my favourite games, they already have the director, and Sony are sadly unlikely to do anything with the IP.

But I’m not expecting anything like that.

Never played Perfect Dark and from what I hear the games were trash lol but I just want a supreme quality 3rd person action adventure. It’s not about copying Sony bc I’m not saying every XGS has to follow that game format but lets be honest this is what the Initiative was made for. Give me the graphical showcase and have next level action set pieces. That’s literally all Microsoft is missing.

Think Quantum Break but better, and they better not add a tv show!

They got 97 and 81 on Metacritic.


The Perfect Dark games? Interesting. Anytime I hear about them people act like the original were FPS trash. Well not trash but just meh games. If they can put the special sauce on it, convert to 3rd person, and have some really cool action sets that take advantage of next gen hardware I think it could end up being dope. I’ve just never had any personal interest in the series bc I’ve never played it. A spy/agent sounds cool tho

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With the kind of talent they have there, I’d hope for a new action adventure IP. However it does seem like they are working on a new perfect dark unfortunately. At least I have the confidence that if they are working on perfect dark, it’s because they want to and that’s reassuring.

A good one. I don’t care if it’s a reboot or a new IP, an action game or puzzle game, a MP or SP game. I just want it to be good. They have an amazingly talented studio and MS seems to be giving them the time/money they need, so I hope they can deliver something we’re talking about at the end of the year, end of the gen, and as a Xbox first party title for years.

My preference is for single player, action adventure new IP…