What kind of game do you want for the project of The Initiative?

bro wtf are you talking about, the original Perfect Dark on N64 is widely regarded as revolutionary


And the one on 360? lol

haven’t played it myself, but was just refuting the statement that the series is “fps trash” when it’s obviously not. Go watch the Digital Foundry video about PD and Goldeneye to learn why they were big, important games back in the day

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Tbh I have no idea. Just want Xbox to make a big bet and spend a lot of money on something brand new. There is a reason why the only discussion about unannounced games is reviving old IPs because there isn’t much to talk about with new stuff. That team is set up in a location and have expertise with the action adventure genre, so wouldn’t be surprised if it’d something like that. But tbh, I’ll play anything they want to make. Just make it an ambitious project.


Crimson Skies

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Rocket Power. They skate, play hockey, and solve crimes. No joke, if I have the money, I’d make a Rocket Power game

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There’s a formula for award winning “AAAA” games, and I expect The Initiative to check all of the boxes required.

  • Realistic visuals

  • incredible mocap and facial animations

  • 3rd person perspective

  • compelling personal story

  • dramatic and moody

  • ultra linear or open world, there is no in-between

  • largely, if not entirely, focused on a single player experience

Perfect Dark works well because it’s a Blade Runner-esque visual motif mixed with espionage. It could be a compelling universe.


I think we’re getting some take on PD as rumors have indicated. It’ll likely be bombastic, similar to Uncharted/Tomb Raider, semi-open world, with “stealth” sections.

IP doesn’t matter to me - new or existing - but what I’d like to see is something a little more measured and interactive, in the vein of Prey or Dishonored. Or maybe something along the lines of a Mass Effect 2/3, obviously not using the same aesthetic.

If it was existing IP, maybe reboot Shadowrun or do a proper ReCore sequel with budget.

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A new open world to live in, consisting of three very different realms, based on the individual concepts of the artists The Initiative have recruited so far. Or an episodic game series evolved from Joss Whedon’s post-TV continuation of Buffy in comic form.

Really, just something that intrigues the mind, is pleasing to the senses and regularly makes me think, “Oh, that’s new…” whilst playing it. Not much to ask.

:pd: Dassit.


Perfect Dark on N64 is a very high rated classic.

I would love if they were making something close to a Zelda or Darksiders. (Heck a higher budget Darksiders 3 would be right on my alley)

Not an rpg but a more open game, in a fantasy setting with focus on combat, exploration and puzzles and some big bosses.

OMG if Ms buys Warner would they get the Buffy rights?

In this case I would love to see that, plus the old Buffy game for Xbox available for BC.

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The only things I need:

  • High Quality gameplay/Impressive visuals
  • Proper Single Player mode

For everything else I’m open, surprise me! :slight_smile:

I agree with that. For my part, it can also be a very linear game without an open world. But with an exciting story, good characters and great graphics. Perhaps a game similar to The Order 1886.

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Yea defnitely, we’ve got enough open worlds. All I need is super tight and fun gameplay.

being honest? would love a immersive sim in the PD universe.

but all things points to a 3rd person game in the PD universe, so i’m happy anyways.

I think their game might be something…else. I had hoped this would be the “Sony-studio” of the bunch, but I’m not so sure anymore. @Klobrille hints at weird stuff.

Pretty much exactly what I would want from Initiative. Speaking frankly XGS needs a title, even just 1 that is a ‘critical darling’ in this area. They seem to have a knock on effect on the rest of the titles said publisher creates and would do wonders for Game Pass, effectively killing the entire ‘fodder’ argument. They need an experience that will turn heads, and I think a 3rd person game that is heavily narrative driven in any setting would work.

Whatever they do, I’m positive it will be a very good game. Place is just brimming with talent.

What did Klobrille say?