What kind of controller batteries are best?

As someone coming from a PS4 to a Series X, I was wondering what kind of battery set-up you all would recommend for my controllers?

Should I go for an actual Play and Charge kit?

Should I buy a set of rechargeable AAs? (I’ve heard good things about Eneloops? Is that the best brand?)

Should I just buy Costco packs of disposable AAs? (probably not doing that)

What do you use? What do you find has the best ratio of cost, lifespan per charge, and long-term lifespan?

I have a couple of controllers sitting in a venom dock. The battery packs that come with the dock don’t last as long as enelops but it’s so easy just to sit the controllers in the dock to charge.

If one runs out I can switch the battery packs. Cheap as well.


MVP of batteries imo

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Another +1 for Eneloop batteries, they’re amazing. I used to use a play and charge kit but picked up a couple of pairs of Eneloops plus a charger and haven’t looked back. They last ages and charge quickly so my pad is only ever disconnected for a few seconds while I swap out.

I will give a shout out to Amazon basic rechargable batteries which only have a slightly smaller capacity (2400 v 2500 on the eneloops) which have been great for me too, I bought a couple of pairs of these so I had spares just in case and have been using these recently.

Please don’t buy disposable batteries.

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Can you use the Amazon batteries on the Eneloop charger?

I’m using these, they’re great:


Eneloops by far the best batteries

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I highly recommend Eneloops for sure.

I think so, I don’t actually have a Eneloop charger, I have a energizer charger or something and it charges both my eneloops and amazing basic batteries.


Everyone will recommend Eneloops. So would I normally. But IKEA’s rechargeable batteries ARE eneloops in a different wrapping. But cheaper.

So buy IKEA’s batteries.


Lol I’m one of the few using a charge kit lol

Eneloops or Amazon basic rechargeables.

Eneloops are definitevely the best; FYI some of the Amazon ones are rebadge eneloops (and apprently some Ikea ones, I didn’t know that…). As they change the model quite often, try to find anything about “made in japan” version (most often you will find this small detail in customers reviews or zooming in the pictures if you find a lucky side shot showing the fine prints).

i’ve got a lot of AA and AAA rechargeable batteries for many things and the great thing about eneloops is that it keeps really well the charge even when not used. Most of the cheapest ones are losing charge fast and there’s nothing more annoying than having empty batteries while you need it charged for a quick swap. 2 eneloops in the controller and 2 already charged waiting to be used is the way to go.

I use the MS plug and charge kits, nothing easier than to sit on the sofa and plug in any phone charger when they are low, never have to disconnect the controller to change batteries.

If you are going rechargable batteries though I would suggest eneloops as well.

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IKEA’s rechargeable batteries are great! I think they are Eneloops in disguise. Also buy their charging station, works like a charm. The batteries last a long time, holds charge very well and is pretty cheap.

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i have been using this rechargable kit for over 2 years it’s a 2 in 1 you get a controller stand and 2 very long lasting batteries that last well over 35 hours and you always have a fully charged ready to go controller as it charges on the stand image

If you’re deadset on rechargable AA batteries eneloops (or the IKEA version) are the best bet. Personally I prefer the official Play and Charge kit; bought it day one and it still holds a great charge, and plugging in my cotroller as I continue to play is easier than swapping out batteries in the middle of playing.

AA ones. It can’t make the others fit.


Yeah I’m surprised how long they hold huge +

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Every play and charge kit I’ve used has had poor battery life after some usage which is why I moved away, I wish they lasted longer (for me). I actually prefer being able to swap batteries mid session, rather than going wired when the batteries run out.