What is your favorite feature of the upcoming Series X?

Inspired by the thread of @LifeForms I would like to hear from you what you think will be the absolute killer feature of Series X.

I’m going to start:

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For me: RT & SSD improved loading times

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Hopefully less pop-in so whatever stops that from happening, it’s such an eyesore for me and I can’t unsee it haha. SSD will be nice for the dashboard and pretty much the whole experience to be MUCH faster.

For me just the sheer power of the thing. I can’t wait to see what’s possible in a couple of years.

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100% the SSD and Quick Resume of multiple games.

I just hope quick resume actually works this time because it’s terrible on Xbox One whole being flawless on Switch and PS4


To be fair when starting from sleep mode and trying to quick resume tlou2 it always restarted the whole game, while on xbox you can wake up the console and continue playing. It’s not flawless on other consoles too.

But yeah that is a cool feature I am looking forward to, since I have a digital library. I am super stocked to see back compat and how good past titles will look and run. I also hope they go on and enhance more titles. Since DC fandome I was checking out the Arkham games again and man WB has some work to do. These games deserve better and bc would be perfect for that.

I can’t really pick a favourite. lol. I love it all. :slight_smile:

60/120 fps DLI load times the smoothness & RT/BC

Just the sheer speed of loading in to games. Who wants to sit and wait 3 or 4 minutes to get in to a game (i’m looking at you GTA V and Sea of Thieves lol). Also to revisit my (ever growing) back catalogue of games just to see how they run, how they look, to see those extra frame and performance boosts. Can’t wait.


Low load times, instant resume and higher frame rates are all pretty huge. If I had to pick 1, I’d go with the load times.

120 frames on console!!!

Besides the obvious more power and SSd stuff, the multi quick suspend and resume sounds awesome. It’s already great for one game. Did they ever say up to how many games could be supported with it? Did Sony ever confirm multi quick suspend and resume will be on the PS5?

Quick resume. Reduction in load times. Powa.

Im most looking forward to the hardware enabling more realistic NPC’s and game worlds.

I have the original xbox one so performance aside, my favorite thing is not having a power brick anymore


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I really believe DirectML for resolution scaling (DLSS-like) is the future.

Having that ML component in the chip of the Series X and Series S makes all the difference, and can be an absolute game changer for allowing the Series S to have 4K at respectable fps close to launch (assuming native is better - which is not always the case), and the Series X is future proof for longer, as if you in any case need an insane amount of processing power elsewhere, you can still pull that trick to make it happen!

I am super excited about this and can’t wait to see it in action, especially to leverage the Series S to incredible heights.


Yeah, you’re absolutely right. Thanks to the optimizations, the Series S will also be a great console.