4k vs reconstructed 4k/1440p/dynamic res

Both look good, although the native 4K looks a bit more detailed. But it’s always unfair to compare a PC to a console, at least in this generation.

The tomb raider Pic of the pc version vs the pro version is what i could find if u have better ones i will replace.

Has there been any other examples besides the forza one?

Maybe you will find something here, there are also some pictures:

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ML reconstruction is the way to go, and it’s only going to get better in the coming years. I’m excited to see it in action on Series X, hopefully MS can deliver a good implementation.

In my opinion DirectML from Xbox Series X is the upcoming gamechanger and should definitely become the standard.

Here’s a comparison of how Forza Horizon 3 looks upscaled from 1080p to 4K with DirectML (left) and how it normally looks (right) while using only a fraction of the performance of native 4K:

The extra power could then be used in other areas.

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DLSS and ML will be a key mid gen. Things will only get better and better.

It gonna depend on as per game basis.

Art style game could focus on native 4k because realism doesn’t matter in those games.

Games with realism in mind should use ML.

Personally I’m really looking forward to the developer that just goes for 720p and then adds a billion post fx to make it nice and soft and beautiful.

There are so many things I don’t understand about gamers in general but the main thing is WHY THIS OBSESSION WITH SHARPNESS? ALL THE TIME? It looks horrible. Go and look at some great art. Some great photography. Some great films. It’s not that sharp. LIFE isn’t that sharp.

Personally I think all those 1440p titles and alot of the 4k cb ones on my PS4 Pro look terrible compared to actual 4k. For example Avengers’ cb artifacts on the Pro are pretty horrendous.

DLSS is the truth however, I only have a 2060 on a laptop but Control DLSS with Raytracing looks great. If DirectX can come up with something even 80% as good it would be awesome

I find it…odd that the same Sony fanbase and Sony-friendly media that never missed an opportunity to tout PS4 resolution advantages are now suddenly fine sacrificing resolution. I remember when a Xbox One game had to do reconstruction techniques to achieve 1080p, it was mocked mercilessly.

Now, I’m seeing endless “4K is a waste of resources” and “30fps is totally fine if I get purty graphics” threads all over the 'net.

I wonder what changed…


Dynamic RES needs to be used more and locked in techniques like checkerboard need to go away.

With Dynamic RES you get an instant bump from new more powerful hardware, anything else is locked in place and requires devs to patch to take advantage of new hardware.

I prefer 1440p / 1080p upscaling to 4k at 60fps over native 4k 30fps. 2160p is a very overrated resolution.

I think because of VRR support, we’ll see a lot of games at 60fps most of the time, when we see render time larger than 16ms, then use dynamic resolution to make time up in future frame.

My preference starts with frame rate and motion handling. Some games give me SCREAMING headaches on console but PC didn’t. One example with a well known game is the Witcher 3. Hadn’t made it past the prolog but the background on camera movement made me feel I was going cross-eyed. X enhancement helped in performance mode.

After frames and motion, I prefer detail. Quality character animations. Things like flapping curtains or tents. Particle effects… Lighting. Swaying vegetation, or other “immersive” effect.

After that, I like image quality, but resolution and sharpness don’t always capture the quality base on the style and atmosphere.

Wow thats a gamechanger.

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Narratives change. Goal posts moved.

More people will always sounds the loudest.

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Goalposts are being launched into the sun.

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There are better uses of ML than DLSS-style full screen reconstruction imho. Using ML to upres individual textures at runtime is a much bigger deal.

Are DLSS and DirectML similar competing technologies? First I’m hearing much of DirectML.


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