What happens if the Activision acquisition doesn't go through?

How do you think they would react ? By buying/funding 100s of third party exclusives for gamepass with the money they’ll get back ?

So much FUD online from so called experts that I am beginning to get worried about if it will go through or not !

I just want more gamepass titles!

I’m pretty sure it will go through it would look pretty sus if they let the Disney-fox merger and sony buying crunch roll go through but block this

They stopped Nvidia’s acquisition today so anything is possible.

Thats way different than this that has a lot more involved in this acquisition does


The Activision Blizzard King acquistiton essentially makes Microsoft win the streaming wars… It’s a big deal.

Legally that’s not something you can make as an argument. Having the best or winning product isn’t illegal.

FTC, being a political org, will sue but they’ll lose in court since there isn’t anything that can sink the deal from a legal pov.


Two things. Why are you worrying about a thing you have no control over? And if the FTC/EU/UK does initially block the deal the law firms involved will likely take it to court and argue in front of a judge


My bet is that it will absolutely go through, but there might be ifs by the FTC in the worst case scenario. If it happens the same as when Disney bought Fox, the FTC could block a certain/specific thing in the same way it happened with fox sports and fox news. Probably blocking the acquisition of either blizzard or king. But the Activision studios they will 100% be bought

I just want more “free games” on GamePass day 1 that aren’t indies

I believe this would be referred to as post-modern art. Maybe I’ll make this into a NFT.


Chads like, virgins flag.


Because NVDIA is already the market leader and they would get bigger. With the Activision deal Xbox would still be third in revenue. Totally different situations. Don’t but these ridiculous twitter trolls takes.

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MS would just keep dragging them through the courts until it gets passed


Because they blocked Nvidia/Arm, AMD/Xillinx should be blocked too. Just block everything.

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Nadella last week sounded extremely confident, so I’m not too worried.

Sometime next year we’ll have a shitload of ActiBlizz games added to Game Pass, CoD 2023 too and so on.


You have let them win, now this will be in your head for the next year and a half.

There is literally 0 reason this deal would be blocked or made any kind of concessions.


Something tells me the FTC won’t fight this deal too much.

While it is much less money the merger of Frontier and spirit is more concerning and likely easier for the FTC win due to it being anti-competitive and reducing the amount of competition in a very hard industry to break into.

They’ve already spent half their budget on fighting Meta.

Does it though? There is literally limitless possibilities and potential but can you name any of their properties outside of Call of Duty which was in the top 100 sellers recently?

Regardless of if it goes through or not (and I’ve heard enough to believe that it will), the takeaway is Microsoft’s intent.

If it fails and they get that money back, I assume that they aren’t going to shrug and reallocate it to another division. It’ll get spent regardless because it was money that needed spending. 70 billion will buy a lot in any case, and they’d use it to further the same goal in a different fashion.

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It’ll be fine. This acquisition doesn’t stop the market and give MS dominance. If you follow Sony news you would see that it seems PS is actually perfectly countering this with a SoCOM revival with former CoD devs.

MS has more than enough leeway to make an arguement that they aren’t being anti competitive.

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