What game do you not enjoy, but wish you enjoyed?

My first Topic here.

We all have games that we purchase and obviously we want to enjoy these games, but sadly we just can’t get into them.

Or maybe you see a game getting non stop praise online and you like the look of it, and you go out and buy it and sadly it just isn’t for you.

Or all your online gaming friends are really into an online multiplayer game, but you honestly don’t enjoy it, it sucks that you are enjoying it as much as your buddies.

I apologise if I’ve worded this thread poorly.

I really want to like Hellblade, it’s a nice looking game with great audio, but I find the combat really dull and I absolutely hate the puzzle design (matching symbols with the environment stuff), I played till just after the first boss after coming back and forth to it a couple times and haven’t been back since. (I absolutely loved DmC and Enslaved by ninja theory too) & after seeing the hellblade 2 trailer, it just makes me wish I liked hellblade, as it looks incredible. :frowning:

Another game would be gravity rush on psvita it just looked incredible, loved the art style and visuals, but I disliked the floating around and gyro controls, I dropped this one pretty quickly and moved onto YS on the vita.

Lastly, blue dragon I absolutely adored lost odyssey by mistwalker, I went out and purchased this straight after, but I couldn’t get into it at all, combat felt so long and I think I dropped it after a few hours(what’s odd as I love turn base jrpgs usually) , even the great Phil Spencer told me during a game of vermintide 2 that he preferred blue dragon over lost odyssey :o


Interesting timing - I was discussing Brutal Legend with some XboxEra folk yesterday. Bought the game because I loved the world, the art style, the music and who can say no to the always amusing Jack Black?

However, I bought the game thinking it was a fun 3rd person action adventure title set in a heavy metal underworld.

Watching that trailer, you’d agree right?

But no! It’s actually a pseudo-RTS game. Not my jam at all.

I wanted to love it, but didn’t.

P.S - Welcome to the Forum! :slight_smile:


RDR2 - the overall controls and gunplay. Technical masterpiece, I just don’t have fun playing.

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It’s funny that you mention this, my brother said the exact same thing, he played the demo and purchased it after really enjoying the demo, and then warned me off it, saying it was pretty much a completely different game.

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Sea of Thieves and State of Decay. I just find them really hard to get into, I don’t typically play much MP though.

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Witcher 3

Everything about its world design, narrative, writing, art is great, but the combat is sooo utterly abysmal for me, and that alone kinda bounced me off the game. Haven’t finished the game, hopefully I’ll return to it down the line because everyone tells me the story and quests alone are worth it. Honestly, it was probably because I started playing it right after Sekiro and lol, that was a big mistake.

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Hellblade. I found the puzzles annoying and the game wasn’t very exciting to play. It looks beautiful though and i think Hellblade 2 has the potential to push things forward.

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Prey, Dishonoured and Dishonored 2

I wouldn’t say it’s specifically that I didn’t like them but something about the engine Arkane uses literally makes me so queasy I vomit…

Therefore I can’t enjoy them at all…

Dark Souls (and games like it). While I can appreciate the dark aesthetics and the “tone” of these types of games, I absolutely hate the slow, plodding combat and the clunky 3rd person view. It feels like I’m playing a game designed on the original Playstation.

And I hate how anytime I express these views I’m told I just don’t “understand” the game or I need to “learn” how to play it properly. The problem is, I do. I just don’t enjoy slow combat and dying all the time because I need to prove I’m a “true” gamer. Sorry if that sounds overly reductive, but I loathe this game/genre’s influence and popularity. :sweat_smile:


Hellblade. Pretty much for similar reasons outlined in the OP. Honestly the combat just wasn’t any good, i am hoping that for the sequel they greatly improve on that aspect.

I agree with this. I only found out recently that a lot of people just run past the fights in Bloodbourne. I always thought i’d be missing out unless I cleared everything.

Ultimately it became to monotonous and I got bored of it.

Same with Ashen on Gamepass - Played it for a bit then rapidly got bored.


Fort nite


Red Dead Redemption 2 and Witcher 3. I think maybe I am not an RPG/open world kinda guy.

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For me I’ve never been able to enjoy a Zelda game. I respect the franchise its just a series I can never get into. I bought a switch for Pokemon but decided to give Breath of the Wild a go and put 12 hours into it and it just wasn’t for me.

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Anything open world game by Rockstar. But they won’t let me because their games play horribly. It’s staggering that a developer with an unlimited budget, unlimited time and a team of thousands can’t make a game that doesn’t play like my character has arthritis while walking through molasses.


I agree. I just can’t stand to even move around in them.


I would say GTA 5, both in terms of story where I didn’t really feel invested, especially compared to the previous one, and the gunplay was too slow for me. I have the same complains for RDR 2, where movements and gunplays could really have been much better, but the setting and story was much more interesting for me.

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I love Brutal Legend so much, but totally get why many didn’t. The ads were very deceptive.

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Phil’s a Vermentide fan? Explains the Dark Tide exclusivity.

Anyhow, my list:

Wasteland Remastered/Wasteland 2/Pillars of Eternity: Great writing, great lore, awful console ports. Trying the latter again on PC and much better.

Sekiro: I think it’s a great game, but it was frustrating me to no end.

MVC Infinite: MVC 2 is one of the top 5 games that defined my childhood, MVC 3 was a damn solid sequel. Infinite was just depressing to play. The mutants added a lot and locking some of my other back-up mains behind DLC just rubbed me the wrong way.

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This right here.

Gave it a few hours of my time and man… just didn’t enjoy actually playing it. Such a shame because I loved Revolver and Redemption 1.

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