What does everyone drive, if you do?

Feel free to post pictures, and if you don’t drive, or can’t yet, what would your dream car be?

I have a 2015 Mustang Ecoboost Premium, surprising I know, and have a 2021 Bronco reserved.

My Mustang:

Reserved Bronco:


I don’t drive. If I was rich, I’d get a McLaren Senna. I aint rich, so bus it is.


My wife and I drive a 2015 Mazda 3 sport and a 2016 Mazda CX-3… Neither exciting enough for pictures…lol.

We live and work in rural Canada so we do a lot of long driving, our normal work commute is 120km (75 miles) round trip. Lots of days where it’s significantly more. So fuel economy, reliability, snow performance and comfort were the priorities.

Both are a bit small for child seats, so we will probably go for a Honda CR-V/Toyota RAV4 or something similar in the next year or so.

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You have good taste. Those are basically the vehicles that I’d like to get. Right now I drive a Fusion and my wife just got a 2020 explorer. We have 2 kids so we needed something bigger. My first car was a bronco. I’d like to have another one day, I like the design of the new ones. And I’ve always loved mustangs. I’ve came close to getting one multiple times but never pulled the trigger

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Thanks! I actually had a Fusion that I traded in on the Mustang lol I also learned to drive on an 88 Bronco and can’t wait to see how amazing the new one is, although technically it’s for my wife.

I’d say if you get the opportunity to get a Mustang again then go for it if you can talk the wife into it too. The 15s aren’t too expensive now and you can still find some with pretty low mileage. Mine only had 32k on it when I bought it last year and it was less than half the original price

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I’m pretty boring now but I love my 2015 Nissan Juke and my wife’s 2014 Nissan Versa. I’ve had a 2012 Sentra SE-R Spec V, a 2008 Corolla, and a 2002 Jetta prior to them. My first car was a 1988 Chevy Beretta… was cool for the first couple years but damn that thing was a piece of shit.

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Currently I drive a Tesla Model 3 Performance, very cheap to lease one of those in The Netherlands. Next to that I own an Audi A5 quattro. Girlfriend drives a VW Golf.

Used to have a '67 Karmann Ghia Coupe , but sold it due to lack of garage space. Still regret it to this day if I’m honest. Value has increased a lot over the past couple of years, so it’s a bit expensive to buy one again.

We have a Ford Escape and a Ford C-Max Energi. Loving the plug in, actually looking to possibly replace the Escape with an electric in a year or two. Have one of these reserved currently, but won’t start production until late next year. Liked the idea of trying to be more aware of the sourcing of materials as well as getting an electric car.

(Fisker Ocean in case anyone is curious. And if you like the idea and want to reserve as well, let me know, I think I have a referral code somewhere.) The pricing is decent for purchase and they’re doing something interesting with leases.

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Great choice, and for admirable reasons. After the pandemic has completely changed my driving habits, I am leaning to an EV a lot sooner than I may have before. I work at a National lab that has worked for years on battery technology and I’m looking at the Leaf for a few months down the road because we helped them develop the battery tech. So I have a little more faith in the longevity than say, a Tesla.

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We actually were hoping to get to one car, but we end up loaning it out to family when needed, so just hasn’t worked. We ruled out Tesla immediately, I know several people who have one and there are several reasons I just won’t ever go that route. If this one doesn’t work out, we’ll look at Toyota and Mach E. Need to be able to tow a little, and that rules out a few of them.

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We are having Solar Panels fitted this year and once that is done we are thinking of a new Electric Car for me for driving to work (Though currently WfH so not required) Possibly the Renault Zoe, as that has an impressive 52kWh option, also there are healthy rebates on buying electric in Germany (at point of sale as well) so it makes sense.

Currently we have a Skoda Karoq

Which is essentially a VW Tiguan(?) only about 33% cheaper and 33% less fancy, its a lovely car and just a pleasure to drive, and efficient too. Not massive and long like an estate but with comfy seats and a nice light inside (glass roof) for the kids to keep themselves entertained. For the 1000Km drive back home to the UK or driving to a holiday in Croatia or similar I can’t think of a better car.


So Fisker announced this morning that it will be building the next Papal vehicle, which mildly amused me. Wonder if I can get mine optioned out with the raised roof…


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Is it bad that I’ve wanted the VW iD Buzz since it was announced? My family had a hippie bus for a while growing up and I have nothing but fond memories of that thing :slight_smile: Even its battery-in-the-console charm :wink:

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I don’t know if I can deal with that shape… :smirk: Also the starting range of 200 miles at an estimated 40k usd seems kinda high to me. But it would be interesting I admit.



I would think so much less of you, dear, dear Knottian if you did not covet such a vehicle :smiley:

What I am smugly proud of is that I specifically asked for 3 phase AC to be ran to our garage when we built the house just in case, so any and all electric cars we get can be supercharged!

And I can mess about with busbars like the danger Lampy I am.

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I drive an old beater 1998 Audi A6 (Euro spec) to and from work and for hauling stuff, and we (my wife and I) also have a 2016 Toyota Prius (U.S. spec) we use for errands and longer drives. The nicest car I’ve owned is a 1996 3000GT way back when. Red, fast, loved it. We really miss our Subaru Outback we left in the states.

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2006 Toyota Tarago cause 5 kids haha. It’s been a great car for the past 8 years but due for an upgrade. Not sure what we’ll get next but needs to have 7 seats.