What do you want in State of Decay 3?

State of Decay 3 announcement took me by surprise and I’m very excited for it.

Here’s what I like to see :

1- character creation. I think character creation is very important for a game like SoD.

2- weather effects (snow, rain, storms etc…)

3- different enemy types including wild animals/ zombie animals (I think the trailer confirmed that)

4- more vehicles also bikes and horses.

5- darker tone, make the world more scary and serious like TLOU for example.

6- epic boss fights with great combat system.

This is what I like to see in SoD3. What do you like? Share your ideas.


High-quality production values and creative freedom for Undead Labs to create their vision.

  1. Less reliance on scavenging bags of ammo/materials/food and actually have some salvage options. Dismantling wooden buildings, or cars etc to get metal. Finding food in shops etc but they moving towards farming etc.

  2. More interesting interactions with the NPCs. Just sitting in houses is boring. I would love to see them do the same as you and expand etc. Really amp up the idea of other survivors out there and make them more of a useful addition or dangerous threat.

  3. One thing I loved about SoD2 was how dark it got at night. They need more of that plus weather effects. Rain storms, thunder, snow etc. All adding an extra layer of things players have to keep an eye on. Maybe they could have a weather forecast ingame so we can plan ahead haha.

  4. Much deeper combat options.Much of the melee stuff felt very similar, outside of lighter and heavier weapons. Would like to see more options to build and modify weapons but still realistic. No Dead Rising crazy boxing gloves etc lol. Would also like to see less ranged weapons and more reliance on traps etc. Rigging cars to explode, or digging pits or other various traps to make things easier.

  1. Greater emphasis on story, driving the survival.

  2. Defined characters over randomly generated ones to make the Permadeath sting harder.

  3. Permadeath, but you can reload a manual save. I find the Iron Man style a tad cruel but the game without it too easy. If Fire Emblem shows something, losing an hour+ of progress hurts enough.

  4. Unique biomes and fauna (basically confirmed).

  5. Explorable massive cities. The Seattle sequence in TLOU 2 is apparently very good (idk, didn’t play it).

  6. More realistic graphics with photogrammetry

  7. Light MMO elements (meet groups in the world, maybe optional PVP)

  8. Deeper survival mechanics

  9. A giant shopping mall to loot and explore that is overrun by zombies. Balance risk and reward.

  10. Deeper base building mechanics


Agreed so much on point 1. I was sick of searching containers and getting rucksacks. They can really make the survival deeper and more engaging.

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A game that feels modern.

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Story Mode/Easy difficulty option.


Really good suggestions here.

Indeed SOD3 needs to really ramp up quality and production values to be a true AAA. Matt Botty already said it he had a vision for this game to become something way bigger and ambitious.

On top of my head:

More fluid and smooth animations, facial animations too.

No bugs or glitches.

Less repetitive tasks.

More interactions with the environment and zombies when fighting. More physical reactiviry. Weather conditions. Ability to set a hill on fire. Ability to swim.

Way less randomly generated npcs and more handcrafted ones with proper cibematics and branching dialogs.

Animals like we saw in the trailer and variant infected versions with their own patterns and ecosystems.

Will add more if I find more stuff later…


TRUTH! They need to take Phil’s full backing and make a gritty as fuck SOD Game. WITH less bugs lol


1-I’d like to see an actual story mode (Single player) similar or even better than Days Gone

2-Memorable characters and missions

3-Meaningful events & actions

4-Darker & grittier world

5-More focus on survival elements. one example is that if you fall from heights, It is possible to break your leg (Kinda like GR:Breakpoint) & your character lose the ability of sprinting. Unless you fix yourself, You can’t run. Now imagine this happens when a massive horde of zombies are on your tail!

6-Better base building. I’d like to build a massive community, something like Alexandria in The walking dead series.

7- Taking things more than one step ahead & allow the player to decide what kind of a leader for these remaining survivors they want to become. For example if i become a dictator, My playthrough changes & this could affect my gameplay etc. (kinda like fable but way more complicated)

I know these stuff are way too much and way too massive, But once can always dream :wink:

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SoD3 is the only big game from Undead Labs next gen, so they should take their time and make unique experience. The franchise has great potential, hopefully UL will deliver.

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So much this. I have faith they will make an amazing game with the full backing of MS.

I wonder if this one will finally be the MMO game they originally planned to make.

They added easy mode to SoD2 last month so I’m pretty sure that will be in. And I think they said later this year they’ll have more to say about difficulties.


That’s a good question re: MMO. I think there was discussion back around the time Undead Labs was acquired that their dream MMO is “World of Decay.” Not that anything like that matters or means State of Decay 3 won’t be an MMO, just a thought that the name doesn’t give any hints towards that change.

Also the trailer doesn’t as well. I know it’s a CG trailer, but sometimes these trailers do give hints at the tone and type of game it will be and the trailer did not indicate an MMO at all.

Looked like a 3rd person cinematic lol

I was not aware! Thank you! I will try the game again. I bought it at release, but I suck!

1.a good story. 2.better missions. 3.offline option like sod 2. 4.more serious zombies and no yellow eyes. 5.darker and scary

I loved sod 2 though!

I would like to see them go deeper into the management options of settlement along with more options to utilize the buildings

I’d like to see a much more fleshed out co-op experience. I played this game at launch with friends, but only one person was doing stuff while we felt like we were just visiting someone elses game.

If you implement co-op, then make it something substantial. I like the idea of bigger worlds, way better simulation They’ve got a great foundation here, but I feel like your base building needs to have more impact. More infighting, democracy systems, bigger bases, a more fleshed out community economy, etc.

State of Decay has always peaked my interest, but it hasn’t been able to keep my attention for too long. Too much jank and too little impact.