What do you want from a new Killer Instinct?

Certain guests and season 3 cast did not

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Fair enough, I had misremembered that. :+1:

Yeah its alot to take in all those seasons and patches were a wild ride

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Gimme a spin-off that plays like a brawler (smash, nick all stars) where you can introduce all the characters under the MS banners from xgs and zenimax

An M rating and Fatality style finisher with extra blood and gore.

As much as part of me would like to see it, I cant see them going down that route, even if it would be more accurate to the original arcade games

100000% this. Rare were heavy into their SGI workstations creating 3D art and KI’s look and universe was defined by that. So was DK and when you look at modern DK designs, they don’t stray far from it.

The classic skins in the 2013 game were great but it didn’t have the high contrast lighting and stuff that the CG characters had baked in for their 2D games.

I had a really hard time getting over the art style with 2013, like I was judging a good book by a cover that was technically impressive but didn’t appeal to me. It was technically fantastic with a ton of detail, awesome particle effects (great effects in general), the backgrounds were stellar. I just didn’t dig the detail overload with flat looking lighting and general mood.

This is all my very specific taste so I’m not going to pretend that it carries a lot of weight, but I completely agree on this point.


how long does a fighter take to make, would it be quicker than most other genres as its basically a background and a couple of characters going at it.


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An assisted mode via AI that does all the dodging and twirling for me but prompts when to hit buttons (preferably no more than three) like a QTE so that I can actually play a fighting game for once. Otherwise, a roster spanning Xbox’s many IP new and old now that Bethesda is on tap.


I don’t really like fighting games but if i’m Microsoft I basically make the game Killer Instinct vs Xbox Game Studios. Utilize the characters in the Xbox arsenal; Chief, Doom Guy, Marcus Phoenix, Joanna Dark, Senua, etc.

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^ that, I would try to get as many Xbox mascots in there as possible. Chief, Doom Slayer, Marcus, heck throw Banjo in there, if they got Rash from BT to look like he fit they could get Banjo. I would try to utilize and show off the Xbox IP as much as I could in that game. You could even have a story mode where they are thrown into Killer Instincts world to fight to the death like the Predator planet. As long as the fighting is perfect the graphics are great, I think it would do very well.


Agree. There was a lot they did they was great in the 2013 games, graphically. All the effects were great – the sparks that flew off Jago’s fireballs, Orchid’s cats, Spinal’s skulls, Thunders crow effects etc. The actual character designs, putting the art style aside, were great too.

But the art style was just … generic, quite jumbled, it didn’t all sit well together and did nothing really unique.

I would rather play a game with characters that looked like this


Than looked like this:

And in a new game with today’s tech, they could look even better than the top example – even though that is CGI – just following the same style with more cartoon dimensions, bigger eyes, more stylised look and upping the fidelity.

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I would welcome an MS brawler, and it could include KI characters, but this wouldn’t be a KI game.

KI is about the combo system – opener-autodouble-linker-autodouble-ender – and combo breakers. And from the 2013 game onward, the amazingly counter breaker/combo breaker mind game.


Co op tag offline and online. It can be half baked like mk9 and I wouldn’t care.

I stopped regularly playing after Rash dropped. I didn’t like the ‘wacky’ direction, and online was dying a bit. It was time for them to move onto a sequel at that stage really. I still bought the S3 pass and fired it up every time a new character dropped to try them out, but I wasn’t playing it all the time anymore so obviously passed me by that they’d stopped doing a stage for every character.

To be fair, compared to most FG having a unique stage for every character for as long as they did was pretty good form. Most FG don’t deliver that. But I agree that should be a principle of the new game.

Eh i didnt mind rash… I thought he fit in well with the rest of the very 90s inpsired cast. But imho the character drops got me coming back to the game on the regular… played season 1 a bit on launch. Picked up alot of stuff when spinal came out. On riptors and eyedols release I played the most. Kilgore got me back for a extended period as well.

Overall I feel like the season pass model works real well for fighting games… keeps things fresh and keeps me coming back.

It does, they should definitely keep the seasons pass thing, but it needs to drop as a full game with at least 16 characters and all expected modes.

I was the opposite. I got an Xbox One at launch largely on the strength of playing KI at a summer show in London. It was my go-to game and played it pretty much every night for S1 and S2 and then started slowly dropping off as online started dying off. I’d pop back in when a new character dropped, but I felt like MS were just letting the game die.

I felt the game needed a full sequel at the end of S2. At least announce one and build it while S3 played out. It was looking dated by then, and the online started dying off too.

Rash was a disappointment to me, it felt like MS saw it as more of a party game than a treasured IP. I never liked the ‘wacky’ comical alt costumes that gave the same vibe. The attempt at a story mode was bad too. I felt that the core game was excellent, and it deserved to graduate to a full IP, where it could have achieved broader success with a proper story mode and ‘full roster’ at launch. The end of S2 would have been the right time for me.

Hope Nick’s rumour that it is back in development is true, and that it is taken seriously as an AAA property, not a bare bones small digital title.

I just want Sora to be in it

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