What do you think xCloud will be called?

I’ve been thinking about this and I’m pretty convinced it’s going to include Gamepass. So Gamepass Streaming, Gamepass Cloud or something more imaginative.

I think they want Gamepass front and centre of everything and with gold looking at retirement it makes sense to just have various Gamepass options left.

I am not sure we get a new name. I think xCloud will continue to be used to describe the technology but the service will be deliver directly as part of Game Pass, not as a separate entity.

I think when they announced xCloud as part of GamePass Ultimate, Phil talked about how they’re looking at bringing xCloud to people who don’t have GamePass so I suspect it’ll still have it’s own name and it’ll be both bundled with GamePass Ultimate and something you can get seperately too.

It’ll probably be something fairly boring like Xbox Game Streaming, I prefer xCloud though.

I’m sure it’ll just be Stream or Streaming, with either Xbox or Game Pass in front. Sits well with Microsoft cleaning up the branding.

I think the name will be Xbox Streaming and you will have two options in there. Cloud Streaming and the Console streaming as it is right now.

You need easy names to associate things so mainstream consumers can identify it easily.

Examples: Armando, what is this thingy on my phone called Xcloud?


Armando, i saw the other day that you can stream on you phone on xbox game streaming!

Xbox Game Streaming

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Xbox cloud.

Xbox anywhere.

Xbox digital.

Xbox streaming.

Anywhere is a good one. Gamepass Anywhere.

naah, that will conflict with their already existing “Play Anywhere” initiative.

Could always put both under the play anywhere branding, as you can use your saves and that on xcloud too. (what I can imagine a lot of people will ask is it possible to use your Xbox saves)

I was thinking Xbox Cloud Pass

This and they’ll probably do “logo” game streaming like they’ve done with game pass.

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XboxOneDrive. In reality it’ll probably be something like “Xbox Now” or “Xbox Streaming”

There is a Verge article today from Tom Warren, also there will be couple of announcements this week so we should get details soon.

From the blog post seems that the official name is

Cloud gaming with Gamepass Ultimate

Well, this couldn’t have gone worse. :smiley:

I’m sure the name will be Xbox Cloud Gaming… right?? Right?!?

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I knew it would have Gamepass in it but I could have never predicted it would be so snappy…

XboxFlix Nah… just kidding

I like Xbox Anywhere

:achievement:Game Cloud.

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Never doubt on Ms ability for shitty names :rofl:

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