What do you think of the Xbox Series X game cases?

So it seems like the definitive game case for Xbox Series X games is the following:

I like it and it makes sense to have just “Xbox” on the top, given we are talking about a family of systems or a general brand, and then below “Xbox Series X” in the black band, to especify the console in particular. However, I think it could be confusing for less careful customers or not so into gaming ones, like parents looking for a present (a Xbox One game to be more specific) or such.

What´s your opinion on this?

I think they should’ve done this:

  1. Xbox One game covers with the green colour
  2. Xbox Smart Delivery covers with a mix of Xbox One green and black/white
  3. Xbox Series X covers in black/white and a green accent

This would remove confusion and would make it much clearer, especially from a distance, which games are for which system.


They should have added a new colour scheme to make it more clear. Even if it was just a darker or lighter green. Visually it’s fine but it’s a little boring and doesn’t feel new.

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I have always loved the uniform nature of the spine, and I love it here, but I do wish the front of the box had a different design. While it’s true that a bunch of games at the start will be able to be played on the XBOX One and the Series X, eventually they will be Series X only, so it would be nice to see that reflected at the top of the box.

I dig it. Then again, I am all digital so it doesn’t affect me.

Same here. Really hope they somehow do a Series X with no disc drive.

i’ve pretty muched moved to gamepass and probably wont buy many retail games. if anything, id probably buy them digital. like some 3rd party games that dont show up on gamepass.

Yep I don’t like it at all too not enough distinct from Xbox One.

But who cares I play almost all games digitally 99%

It’s a shame, cause while I am a fan of the current design, I’ve seen so many mockups that I just think look so cool and would love to see used.

Here’s some examples:


Obviously they’re not all perfect, but I just really like some of them.


Love that first one. Wish the name of the game was on the spine though.

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Agreed on that, I love the idea of letting the box art take center stage.

Black would have been better. I like that it’s only “Xbox”, but the cases are too similar to the old ones.

I did my own concept, but I’m not a graphic designer so I might be breaking some rules. But I wanted the art to shine, the clarity of which consoles can play it to be prominent, and to feature the black and white box logo which seems to be the next gen motif.


I like that one a lot! But I would have moved the diagonal line to the right to have more black and less green.

It would have been cool to have black (Xbox) vs. white (Playstation) :rofl:

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I don’t think XSX cases are great. It lacks a new color scheme.

OG Xbox cases will always be the best. That black background + lemon/green XBOX with that fashion logo looked good.

Damn near every single fan concept art take I’ve seen looks 10x better.

With that said, I don’t buy discs so it doesn’t really bother me at all.

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Honestly, they look like crap and too similar to what Xbox One is. I liked the black cases that Klobrille did a while back. They looked great. I would put “SERIES X” under the XBOX logo on the top left but other than that, it’s like perfect.

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I think what REALLY needs to change is the return of the Xbox disk watermarking. Y’know the one on the OG Xbox and 360 disks that bordered the inside ring? I imagine it probably can’t happen because they switched to Blu-ray, but I always thought that was a cool touch.

Fine by me.

Pc game cases ( the rare few) dont have a different case for a r9270 and a 2080ti

Xbox is trying to be more like PC, it maybe why its not important what platform game footage they show the game running on.

I think they look great. Could be better, but they’re not bad at all imo.