What do you game on? (Poll)

Just a quick poll wanna know how balanced or forum is :slight_smile:

Platforms I currently use for gaming
  • PC
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox One X
  • Xbox Series S
  • Xbox Series X
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PS4
  • PS4 pro
  • PS5

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Interesting that Nintendo Switch is more popular on XboxERA than PlayStation.

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PC Guy Here. Work and Games goes hand in hand with me. It convenient for me to jump back an forth from work to Gaming.


Xbox Series X : 90%

PC: 4%

Xbox One X: 3%

Nintendo Switch: 2%

PS4 Pro: 1%

Thats my gaming time spent on each system.

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My primary gaming console is Xbox Series X for Microsoft’s first party exclusives, third party full/timed exclusives, multi-platform games, game pass, the console itself being superior, the controller, backwards compatibility, etc.

My secondary gaming console is PlayStation 5 for Sony’s first party exclusives and any full/timed console exclusives that are either not going to Xbox Series X or will take a year or longer to get as if I want to play a game, im simply not waiting. Those days are gone.

I will say this though. For me personally, Sony’s first party exclusives are simply on an elite level for the most and while im confident that Microsoft’s first party exclusives will be better than what was on Xbox One, im really hoping that starting with Halo Infinite, they start hitting some grand slams.

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Common 7 voters :sweat_smile: that is not reliable

I feel guilty I bought my switch just for pokemon when let’s go pikachu came out, bought sword and animal crossing and haven’t played it since about a week after animal crossing came out lol.

PC gang :fist: :triumph:

I missed that lol! Didn’t know I could see the votes counted

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Lucky people got your hands on a Series X already :cry::+1:

Wish I was there with you but I’m still making do with my 1X at the moment. Also got a Switch & a PS4 Pro, for the exclusives.

To be fair there’s only 1 option for Nintendo but the votes are spread across 3 options for PlayStation.

Maybe I should change it to xbox Playstation PC?

But you can imagine the ps4 blank combined :smiley:

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I currently don’t own a Playstation funny enough. Sold it recently

That’s up to you. It’s your poll dude. I like the way you’ve got it set up though.

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Yeah I leave it at that. Making polls is really easy to do :3 Switch is kinda on the same level as all ps4s combined

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You should add an option for mobile. I game a decent chunk on my phone.

Ahh true

Not possible anymore

Serious X >>>>>> my shiny Ryzen laptop >> Switch

Pretty much 100% on Series X right now, I haven’t touched the PS4 in months, and I haven’t touched the Switch since Hades came out.

Almost all of my gaming is on the Series X since it launched but I also have a Switch.

I still have my PS4 Pro but don’t have any plans on buying a PS5 at this time.