What do you game on? (Poll)

Xbox Series X and Xbox One X are where 98% of my gaming takes place.

PS4 is an exclusives machine (Naughty Dog games in particular, they’re one of my favorite devs).

PC is a Final Fantasy XIV machine, it’s literally the only game I play on PC. Once FF14 comes to Xbox then my PC will only be for Excel spreadsheets, as God intended.

I game mainly on my Series X. In saying that, I go through stages of losing interest in gaming completely so it’s been a few weeks since I had a decent gaming session.

Currently in the process of upgrading my PC from a 6 year old Intel build to a Ryzen 3700X build. Lucky enough to win a CPU and motherboard from MSI. Should be quite the bump in performance.


90%+ of my game time is on Xbox (Series X these days, also my old One S in another room).

PC games I play a little here and there, usually old games since I only have a Surface Pro these days.

Switch and PS4 I play occasionally when there’s an exclusive I really want to experience.

Xbox Series X is where I buy everything but I also have a PS5 and Switch to play Sony / Nintendo stuff.

I spend a fair amount of time gaming on my Legends Arcade machine as well.

These things are great. Plays hundreds of MAME games from a small thumb drive.


Series X for the majority of the time, a bit of switch and i use my 12yr old PC to play some C&C remastered when in the office.

Absolutely not my thing but freaking cool!

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I just game on my Series X these days. I do own a Switch but dislike the system and Nintendo and don’t really bother with my PS4 Pro other than the odd bit of REZ in VR

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Yep me too, though I got lucky and snagged a PS5 combo by chance. Despite that though been hacking through my Xbox backlog after playing the hell out of sackboy and Astrobot with the little one.

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I’ve got Sx, Ps5, Switch and a good Pc, depends of the game I switch between these platforms.