What do you do for a living? What are your ambitious, hopes, dreams etc?

I’ll start

So I’m from BC but I’m currently in the US in IL and I work in help desk. I study IT at Western Governor University however my goal is to eventually become a teacher for special education. In a few years I may either relocate to Arizona or move back to BC which is a total night and day difference.

I also draw and studied some graphic design. Although it’s a less likely career path, I would love to one day be a game concept artist as a side job.


Firstly, amazing idea for a thread @anon28208215

I hail from the big, brown, sunburnt country of Australia. I am a sheet metal tradesman who does design and prototyping for enclosures and electronics across the security industry along with the food service area. I’ve spent since 2005 in this industry and now run my own small business with my father

Born and bred Queenslander (fuck the State of Origin) and I live my dream. I have my wonderful wife Beck, two cats (Yahtzee and Dodger), two dogs (Kenny and Fisher) and a snake (Reggie) No kids and we are both gamers.

A cool little tidbit about myself is that I helped build the world’s first video game bar. Mana Bar. I am friends with Yug, Yahtzee, Pras and Shay who came together to start it. I was told about the idea a year before, I was in (It also helped in the fact that all of them had no skills when It came to building, painting or installing)

So I was there from day one. Sanding the floor, Installing custom TV mounts, the works. Once the venue opened, I got two weeks of watching people live up and have a blast then I got married. This is also how I know so many “I can’t say how or who” stories about games media, developers, publishers and the greater industry. Someday, If we setup a thread and call in all the non ‘insider’ insiders to drop stories, I may throw some of mine in.


I’m originally from the UK but have lived in Australia for the last 20 years, now in lovely Byron Bay with the wife and kid and a couple of crazy dogs. Plus who knows how many snakes under the house.

I don’t have any insider knowledge of the games industry unlike my learned countryman above. But I do have a lot of film gossip!

I spend my days making movie posters/key art and creating title sequences for film and tv shows. I’ve done over 300 now including ones for people like Taika Waititi, Lars von Trier, Jane Campion, Steven Soderbergh, Michael Haneke and Cate Shortland.

I have a delightful sprinkling of mental illness that means ambitions and hopes and dreams are all somewhat alien concepts to me, but these days I mostly just wish people would be kinder to each other. So that’s what I try to do. Hello everyone, and let’s hear about you.


I work in IT. I like it, and I think I have a solid outlook. I don’t live for my career so as long as I have a job where things are smooth enough and I make a decent living, I am good. I even have time for my hobbies.


I’m a video editor. I work for a post-production studio and we do mostly cable tv stuff here in the US.

I’m married with a couple of cats, and I have a sometimes unhealthy love for entertainment. I also have a problem with digital hoarding. :sweat_smile:

I hope to live long enough to experience a holodeck. :grin:


I’m from crappy Illinois USA. I work for a software company doing glorified tech support. Iv been gaming for 30 years now have a family and kids and cats. I usually play all systems but next gen I mite just get one. Very on the fence. I always wanted to learn to code and get into some form of game design since I love it so much. Maybe make a YouTube channel


There are ton of great resources to learn how to code, definitely check out


I am Senior Managing Consultant and counsel enterprises in making their IT more efficient. Efficiency in this case means, use modern methods of providing services to business departments, reduced lead times for new capabilities, cost reduction in service delivery.

This includes the following consulting dimensions:

  • IT Strategy
  • IT Governance
  • IT Management (General and IT Service Management)

Main pain points of my clients are currently:

  • Transforming IT to Cloud
  • Using AI to replace manual tasks in order to automate
  • Multiprovider Management and Service Integration Positioning

Each topic consists of one or more consulting dimensions.

Due to COVID I do my work from home, before that I was traveling across Europe but I can already sense that remote work will stay (which is actually great).


That is seriously cool. I’ve been on the forums and have seen you there for so long, It is interesting to find out what you do. thank you for the insight.

My man. Once all this Covid shit is done with, you have to let me buy you a round.

On your game design goals, @anon28208215 posted a great link to coding tutorials. I have something as well. Yahtzee’s Dev Diary is a fantastic series about making small concept games with limited scope a s afest to build the skills needed. I highly recomend it and hope it inspires an idea.


wow reading all these is great you all have amazing jobs. But for me am a average guy work for an engineering company as a driver my only hopes and dreams is that my family never want for anything and they stay fit and healthy. At 42 the only thing I focus on personally is trying to get my streaming page running and on a regular basis. But due to suffering with depression kind of difficult at the moment to focus on that so its kind of taken a back seat.


Every job has its downsides but you do your best. Be proud. Family goals like yours are admirable and it takes strong people to keep a family together and working.

With your streaming, there is no time limit on getting it running. Take your time and attack those goals when you can, not on a must do list. When you are ready to launch and start, be sure to post here and let us know, i will stop on by and give it a watch.


Oh man I hear you. Depression cripples me daily and it sucks that I suck so much at dealing with it so I can relate entirely. Stream what you want when you want. But make sure you’re doing it for you and you alone - chasing #'s and viewer counts etc is the definition of external validation and that shit is toxic especially when you add it to depression. So you just do you and you’ll be fine.


Hi, I’m from Fiji.

I work as a Business Adviser for a private sector development program which is a non-profit. My background is actually electrical/electronics engineering. Worked in corporate sales for a telco after graduating. Then I did some B2B and B2C marketing work until I landed this job. It’s nice working in a place where I help to create jobs.

I want to run my own company one day and travel the world. Seems like a pipe dream at times but stranger things have happened.

The thing I am honestly thankful for is being able to afford games and my other hobbies where as a kid I couldn’t. (Though village life had its own peace)

Really glad to have found this community. You guys are great.

p.s. You’ll Never Walk Alone


I’m a senior full stack developer for a consulting firm. In my free time I do a good amount of game development and eventually plan to turn that hobby into a career. I’ve actually applied at a few studios just for the hell of it and have gotten a couple of interviews but no offers


I’m Toronto born and bred. I’m a fourth year BCOMM student at UofT Rotman and want to go into marketing for games or movies. I’m also a part time Xbox critic.


I worked at a pizza restaurant in Phil for about 7 years. Started as a delivery driver and eventually worked my way up to management. I met my wife there. My wife and I bought the restaurant from my previous boss and now run the business together and things are going well despite Covid. We had to shut our dining room but thankfully we have a drive thru that we use as a carry out. When people thought they weren’t going to be able to buy beer because of Covid, multiple people showed up and loaded full truck beds full of beer for the lockdown lol. I have two beautiful children, one is 2 and the other is 2 months. Two dogs, a black lab and a chocolate lab. Things are overall going well right now. I have a lot of ambition for my future. Some tell me I have too much I want to do but I tend to block those people out.


I am from Brazil, born and raised in Santos, a city in the coast of the state of São Paulo.

I’m a lawyer. I worked for the past 4 years in a law firm defending companies against employees who sued them based on labor law infractions.

And it made me sick. So many times I had to tell lies to defend a multi-millionaire company, ruining poor people’s lives. People on minimum age who worked hundreds of hours on overtime without getting paid or who was fired right after suffering an accident at work.

I myself used to work until late at night and during weekends without getting paid. Spending 12 hours at the office, only to come home and keep working remotely. After four years I couldn’t take it anymore, so I quit my job on October 2019.

Since then I’ve been working by myself and studying so I can apply for some Federal jobs. Unfortunately the pandemic happened so all the applications were suspended.


I’m the EU Management Accountant for a major global medical tech company (Covid has been unbelievably good to us). I’ve been management accountant for a good number of places now, including Cambridge University. I do not enjoy it, but it is something I’m fairly good at and have plumbed 15+ years into it now (including the qualifications). So can’t really change direction and still afford the house and level of life the family are now used to - otherwise I’d be doing my dream job, selling burgers on St Thomas Road outside the Emirates Stadium.

As for ambitions, I guess just the same stuff but with a bigger salary, and rebuild my cinema room - I lost this when we moved house. I’m fairly realistic that I’ll never work in games at this point.

I’m an advertising account executive.

working at an ad agency is both great and horrible. pay is average (initially), hours are rough, but the perks when you’re in office are nice and the creative output is cool. i’ve been fortunate enough to work on big national brands and two super bowl ads.

when my mom told me she saw a beautiful commercial and she didn’t even know it was a campaign I worked on—that feeling was so cool.

I love my job most of the time, but dealing with batshit insane marketing managers and brand manager clients is by far the worst part of it. it’s a young person’s game so eventually i’ll move to the west coast to work client side at a dev studio or publisher.

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I am currently awaiting bar results. My brother started his own practice about 2 years ago. I joined him earlier this year after leaving one of the bigger firms in So Cal.

Ambitions/hope and dreams are just be successful enough to be able to have my own home and a Tesla and not be bogged down by student loans. That and be able to take care of my parents so they can actually retire and enjoy their twilight years.

Not huge aspirations. Just want to be happy in the end. We all end up in the same place eventually, 6 feet under.