What are your next gen plans?

Got my XSX preorder paid off with MS store credit, and 3 years of GPU all ready. Still have ~$360 in credit to spend on Yakuza 7 and Cyberpunk (though I might wait for the next-gen upgrade on that one) and I’m still feverishly farming up rewards points. Nothing upcoming really jumps out at me so I’ll focus on filling in my library, especially the games that I miss from PS4.

Switch for Nintendo exclusives (and hoping that any new ones aren’t built for new hardware)

Kind of over PlayStation. I liked my PS4 well enough but I really don’t appreciate Sony’s approach to… just about everything in this transition. I also dislike their exclusivity approach and I don’t love the look of the PS5 as it is. Miles Morales is the only game I was interested in, but since I can just get it on PS4, I’ll probably just wait until a mid-gen refresh.

Never been interested in PC.

Not really into many mobile games, but I’m hoping to get a Kishi eventually and I’m definitely gonna be paying attention to devices that can benefit from xcloud.

So I’m hoping that I won’t be spending too much money for the next few years.

SX first and foremost.

Upgrade my gaming laptop for on the go gaming.

And have a Xcloud setup for even more on the go.

Pre-ordered series X, and I’ll most likely get a PS5 in 1-3 years or whenever first price drop. Not really a souls guy, so don’t care for Demon Souls. However Miles Morales looks cool and same with Ratchet and Horizon but I’m in no rush to play those titles.

Series X pre-ordered

  • will pick up a 1TB card
  • will pick up Bang & Olufsen Headphones (hopefully they’re there for launch)
  • No games though lol I"ll just play Rocket League and Doom Eternal Smart Delivery

PS5DE pre-ordered

  • will pick up the headphones
  • Might pick up Last of Us 2 to play via BC or wait for the PS5 version to get announced

Got two Series X’s pre-ordered, along with a Series S. One of them will go to my Wife, and the other to my son - they haven’t decided who gets what yet, neither really care about resolution. I got my new Samsung Q90t this summer, so I’m all ready for nextgen. I’ll probably pick up a memory card around Christmas.

Can’t wait for launch!

Xbox Series X pre-ordered. Will be my main console.

I will get a PS5 in 2022 when my car is paid off. Money will be tight with the new house purchase lol. That’s why I smartly bought up years of game pass while I had the income.

Xbox Series X pre-ordered through Best Buy.

I don’t plan on purchasing a PS5 this generation, even after I started last gen with a PS4.

Game Pass has been a game changer for me and with the recent Zenimax / Bethesda deal, the amount of content we are going to be getting is absurd. I enjoy single player games but most of my gaming is multiplayer and co-op focused; I feel like Xbox has the best offering in that department.

Plus - it’s where my friends are.

I have also been very disappointed with Sony’s mixed or poor messaging and less consumer-friendly business practices as of late.

Just to update post #19. I have eliminated Marvel’s The Avengers as I decided to sign up to GameFly and it should be shipped out to me tomorrow. Nothing really to play in October so that should help me waste a week.

Pre-ordered the XSX and cyberpunk. Now I’m just waiting for launch. I am expecting most AAA games to come in at $70 and that I’ll be predominantly playing on GP. The cost of games plus the value of game pass and MS’s back compat commitment means I stay with Xbox as my main. I’ll get a PS later, maybe.

I preordered the Series X.

I already have Marvel’s Avengers through Smart Delivery. I’ll be getting FIFA 21 and Watch Dogs in October and Dirt 5 and Assassin’s Creed in November. Maybe Immortals and Yakuza in December?

I have plans to replay Ori and Gears 5 optimized and The Medium and Tetris Effect through Game Pass aswell.

Getting an XSX with GPassU, will only buy Rockstar games, will probably get a PS5 with naughty dogs next game, might get a PSVR2 if its good or if xbox gets VR.

I’ll throw in an update too:


  • PS5 disc edition
  • 1 additional DualSense controllers (grr)
  • 1 Full Priced Copy of Destruction All Stars (Fucking grr. It’s expensive to play with my friend)
  • Miles Morales Deluxe with Spidey Remastered
  • Demon’s Souls


  • Xbox Series X
  • Already have 3 years of GPU so covered for most games
  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Bright Memory

Boxing Day/Black Friday/Christmas Wish-List (looking for, not necessarily picking up):

  • Outriders
  • 1 year PS Plus
  • Falconeer
  • Sackboy
  • Immortals
  • Play and Charge
  • Dirt 5
  • Watch Dogs
  • Last of Us 2
  • Tsushima
  • HZD

Pre ordered a PS5 and XSX.

Series X will be primary because of Games Pass amd I assume most third party games will run better here so I’ll get them here.

PS5 will be for Sony exclusives only. I’m legit excited for Demons Souls and I’ve been a huge Ratchet amd Clank fan for years so looking forward to that as well.

Ordered a Series X.

I’m skipping out on PS5 after starting last gen with the PS4. Sony not impressing me so far.

I think the Nintendo Switch will be my companion console to the Xbox.


That’s how I roll

Have those headphones been announced yet, curious what the price is for them? Personally I’m going with Penrose X for wireless.

Series X at launch. PS5D when GOW2 comes out.

Got pre-order on both XSX|S, got GPU until 2022 or 2023 (not checked recently), so I’m set for a couple of years. Buy 3rd party games that may not come to GPU only on deep discount sale.

Getting Series X in early 2021, then a new TV by the end of the year. I most likely won’t get a PS5 before 2022, and at that point I might as well wait for a smaller revision that will hopefully also be less hideous and come with more storage.

As far as Nintendo goes, it all depends on what their next console is going to be, and whether they stop lagging behind when it comes to features, services, and attitude toward their customers (for instance, artificially limiting availability of certain games does not sit well with me at all, and if they don’t change, they can keep them).

I managed to get a Series X pre-order, so I’m set there (and with GPU I won’t have to buy too many launch titles either). As for PS5, I’m definitely waiting until (or if) they get enough games that I care about to make it worth it. The PS4 was an incredibly lackluster system for me with only a very small handful of games that were worth it (if I’d actually purchased a PS4 instead of it being my girlfriend’s I’d be upset that I wasted the money).