What are you currently playing?

Mostly just Shadow of the Erdtree. Elden Ring at this point is probably a top five all time for me at this point. Which is wild considering I bailed on every souls game prior.

Just trying to get it completed before next week when College Football 25 consumes me.

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Started Still Wakes the Deep and i’m very impressed. The Chinese Room finally made a real game. Their sprint mode still sucks though.


Right, I got to get back to this game, forgot I was playing it.

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I know it seems its a cliche or become a bit of a meme to say (am i totally wrong?) but i can almost completely no longer play fps games after putting hundreds of hours into games in my life… i know a couple here share the same. Is their a known fix or anything to do or do u just alter what u play forever ? I mean motion sickness and nauseau etc

It’s most certainly a real thing and the people making fun of us should be ashamed.

You have to find the adjustments that works for you:

First of all start identifying the things that triggers it the most in games and adjust those ingame settings if possible. For me I almost always adjust FOV, turn off head bobbing, adjust camera sensitivity and play around with things like chromatic abberation and motion blur on/off.

Second, always be prepared physically. Make sure you are well hydrated, not tired and have eaten properly. Adjust the lighting in the room, sometimes a brighter room can help, sometimes a darker.

Third, and my go-to, use ginger. Anything with ginger in it has an effect, fresh is of course the best but taste kinda rough. There’s drinks, tea, candy and pills to use with real ginger in it. It helps a lot.

If all else fail I use medication (like ginger you should use it before playing). It’s to stop it from triggering.

Only a couple of games (indies are the worst, with shitty cams) have defeated me completely since I started doing these things. Remember that your brain takes a while to adjust to the game you are playing. I sometimes start with a short session, and then a bit longer the next etc. etc.

Good luck!


Exceptionally great advice!

The last time I felt sick was from starting up a new game at the end of a mentally exhausting day where I hadn’t had enough to eat or drink either. That was a bad combination. Pretty much went against your second advice. So that should not be underestimated at all.

Now I make sure to not start new games until I can start them fresh after having a good meal (breakfast or lunch) and plenty to drink with natural lighting. They don’t make it onto my night time playing until I’m well adjusted to it.


Thanks Brit and Mort. I do recall Mort mentioning ginger to me a while ago. I think the prospect of altering and testing settings is daunting though as thats a guaranteed sick day. Appreciate the advice :pray:

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Just beat Devil May Cry 4 SE again for the third time, this time as Vergil. I started again as lady/trish who I’ve never played as before. Looking to maybe pick up a Warriors game on sale or just replay Ninja Gaiden or something next

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