What are you currently playing?

Delving more into Hollow Knight and it definitely is clicking now. Really enjoyable with a hard but fair difficulty.

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Playing ESO and I finally crawled back up to my sub-standard 80k dps after the last nerf left me down on the 60k+. Of course, I have only been able to do this on a bow/bow build so I’m screwed for anything else really, the only other thing I need to try is dual daggers or swords and see if that pushes me further.

Playing Vampire Survivors through Xcloud, I have found my go to weapons and upgrades, The blue wand, the tracer crystal, the freeze beam and the bible.

With the extra weapons to supplement them, and the empty tome for reduce cool down/blue wand upgrade, the armor for the the tracer upgrade, the leaf for damage boost.

But I was wondering, is there away to defeat the grim reapers after all that their enemies disappear? Or are they there to force us to stop? Because so far I end up with 3 of them attacking me until I die.

Edit: the amount of damage that can go out us ridiculous in this game.

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There is ways to defeat the reaper, yes. If you dont mind spoiling yourself a lil bit, read the wiki of the game and there’s gonna be a deep explanation of every mechanic and how to “beat” the game.

Thanks, since defeating the reaper is possible, before checking the wiki I want to ask is it Mr cleans magic eraser?

Enjoying Ghost Song.

Great atmosphere and aesthetic and the music is fantastic, nice controls and weapons, very Metroid. Nothing quite new or groundbreaking in the genre but it’s very well crafted. So far I just feel the boss fights are hit or miss, some are decent and some are just so incredibly basic, but this could be because I chose the easy difficulty.

Put God of War Ragnarok on hold.

Currently playing Evil West. On chapter 7. Looking to complete this game before The Callisto Protocol releases next Friday. Will then go back to GOWR once I complete Callisto.

GoW sounds huge and lengthy from the way I’ve seen people talk about it, moreso than the 2018 game.

Been playing Battlefield 2042 for a couple of days now since it joined Game Pass. As an avid BF-player, this is the first one I skipped and judging from these past few days, I was probably right in doing so. Especially considering the good stuff is what came in this latest season…

My main issue is that it is too chaotic, and not in the good BF way. Just to messy. Combat is all over the place with no feel to it and (apart from the new map which is by far the best) it lacks that hard-to-describe Battlefield feeling for the most part.

Not a fan of the operators either, it gets silly. The premise of the game is just not very exciting and feels a bit forced.

BF 1 and V was much better in pretty much every way. From setting, to gunplay, to maps and the Battlefield feeling.


What platform are you playing Evil West on? If it is on consoles, is the performance mode blurry as they say?

Been making my way through Halo Infinite’s campaign with a friend. Two Master Chiefs grappling everything in sight and chucking exploding barrels everywhere is quite an experience, lol.

I’ve also been playing Cingular Wireless’s Need for Speed Underground 2. It’s still a lot of fun in 2022, but that edgy early 2000’s Fast & the Furious vibe is not nearly as cool as it was when I was 12.

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Beat Kirby and the Forgotten Land. It’s a very good platformer and the levels are all beautiful especially with the work put into the lighting and the detail added to the human stuff lying everywhere. My only complaints are that it doesn’t get difficult enough towards the very end (the post-credits content), and that the post-credits content reused the levels (and added an annoying blue filter to the levels).

It definitely is. I’m 35+ hours in and still a ways to go. However, I am going for 100% total map completion which is one of the reasons why I put the game on hold. The other reason is that with Evil West and Callisto Protocol being much more linear and shorter games, I wanted to play them first so I can trade them in once I complete them. Their values could decrease where as GOWR, I see the trade in value staying high. Right now, Evil West will end up costing me $27 to play it day one. Have to wait to see Callisto trade in value but im expecting around $33+ for it.

Xbox Series X. Performance Mode. It has film grain that you can’t turn off so it definitely can make it look blurry but more than that, it’s too freaking “red”. Meaning the color palette is red overdone. lol

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Just had my newborn a few weeks ago so not much outside of P5R VIA XCLOUD.

Having a baby means vortually no time for games and when you have time its too tiring to do anything

The good thing is when i get time a lot of these gakes will go down in price

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Yeah 2042 isnt great. Its fun in small doses specially if you go to play the Portal mode, but it just isnt as fun as V for example. Its getting better with updates but the maps are a massive issue still.

I tried playing Gungrave today and damn this is one of the worst games I’ve played, had to stop at the train level, its just so bad. Decided to go with Evil West instead and its been fun for now, but I’m only 3 levels in.

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I don’t know what they thought with this game tbh. The specialists, the empty maps, the bad maps, the vehicles feels off, no classes, no campaign, the mess…

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Finishing up Dirt 5. I played Dirt 1, 2 and 3 before on 360 and bc. So its nice to finally have a Dirt game with good performance and without a piss filter. Thats the good things i have to say. Everything else is bad to worse and all over the place. The rubberband AI is still braindead, the locations are less diverse than before and there are almost no point to point races. Its all very boring. On top of that the physics and handling change from race to race even in the same car. Sprint Car races with these wierd cars are absolutely unfun and almost unplayable. Gymkhana in these small confined places suck.

Taking rally off the series got us Dirt Rally which is very good but the main Dirt series suffered in quality. Oh, and Rewind is gone. I say thank you Codemasters as the stupid AI rams me into the barrier and ruins my race.

And don’t get me started on Nolan North and Troy Baker. These guys wont. shut. up.

The races on ice are pretty cool, Forza Horizon should copy this.


The director/s of the game pushed it into a single direction with many bad choices while being told by everyone to not do it, until they fucked up and I think they’re now out of BF. Now they are course correcting and fixing some stuff but its way too late for this game.

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Finished Persona 5 Royale and GOWR.

Fantastic games. Both are probably in my top 15 of all time. I need Persona 6 ASAP.

Time to revisit Cyberpunk 2077 and see what’s going on with that game after all of these updates !

I played it last year via Game Pass and while it seems that I enjoyed it a bit more than you I can see why you are frustrated and disappointed with the game, I played it for about 5 hours but then I dropped it and never went back again. For me there were many annoying races between the meat for me which was the rally car races, everything that wasn’t rally it just wasn’t fun to play IMO…also visually the game is a mixed bag, sometimes it can look really really good but most of the time it looks so bland and basic.

And yeah this commentary all the time was so obnoxious and annoying…I muted this shit after 10 minutes. I’ve heard great things about Grid Legends which is also on Game Pass but haven’t tried it yet, hopefully it’s better than Dirt 5.

Back on topic I am still playing Bayonetta 3, I am on my 3rd playthrough and halfway through Infinite Climax and the game has pleasantly surprised me in ways that I didn’t expect. While Bayonetta 3 feels like an evolution of the series it’s also quite different than the previous two games. Exploration is more pronounced in Bayo 3 mainly due to the bigger levels with meaningful collectibles that either unlock special missions (that also have good rewards) or upgrade Bayo’s/Viola’s health and magic. The more pronounced exploration helps the pacing of the game which is probably the best in the series (though Bayo 2 is also really good in that aspect), having some moments to take a breath and traverse/explore the environments between the battles and crazy set-pieces feels great and actually makes the set-pieces stand out even more.

But the real game changer here and what actually differentiates Bayo 3 from the previous installments is the addition of Demons Slaves. Those beautiful and majestic looking creatures add a whole new layer of depth and complexity in the already top-notch combat system of the series, you can play Normal and Expert like you’d normally play the previous games but on Infinite Climax you have to put those Demons to good use (buffering attacks, parrying with them and combining different demon attacks is a must on Infinite Climax) and oh boy does this add a whole lot of options, depth and of course new attack combinations/combo possibilities. I consider myself somewhat decent at Bayonetta and action games in general and it took me a good 80hrs to get used to the Demon Slaves and finally have the game clicking with me. The weapon selection is also completely bonkers both in imagination, variety and move-set wise even surpassing Ninja Gaiden 2 in that regard. Content wise the game is packed AF.

Viola is also really fun both story and gameplay wise, she is such a goofy and cute character…apparently a lot of the Bayo fanbase doesn’t like her because she plays different than Bayo but that’s the point isn’t it? I wouldn’t like to see a new character being a Bayo re-skin. Overall I really enjoyed the story and loved the ending, it made me love Bayonetta as a character even more which was something that I didn’t think was possible but here we are.

About the tech side of things considering the hardware and what Platinum chose to do with the scale of the game and the overall design the game is still hella impressive for what is doing. The soundtrack is also great with some really atmospheric themes that I personally wouldn’t expect to listen to in a Bayonetta game, probably my favorite OST in the series.

Overall I love the game and I am really glad that Platinum didn’t release a Bayonetta 2.5 but instead they decided to sacrifice some of the visual fidelity and bring something unique and fresh to the series and I’d say the genre as a whole. Can’t wait to play more and discover the little nuances and secrets of this exciting combat system (as much as my mediocre skill allows me to). :partying_face: