What AAA titles should Xbox try and get on Game Pass for the First Half of 2022?

Granted the Mods dont have a problem with this thread - Eat your heart away folk so we dont plague every other thread so people come in and post at your own peril.

The overall drought for 2022 H1 is real and xbox needs to address it and Im not talking the usual 4 player co-op or “needs a playerbase” games that usually are added to GP. We are talking about out of the mold stuff like an Elden Ring or a Dying Light 2, Strangers of Paradise, KoF, etc from third parties.

Some of us here acknowledge that a 1st party game every quarter right now is not possible and is just a pipe dream but that doesnt mean game pass cant supplement with BIG, medium and Small games.


I’m fine with this thread, but wording it “the overall drought for 2022 H1 is real” is misleading. It’s potentially real, as we don’t know the schedule of games launching into the service outside of a few exceptions for the rest of this year. It’s a potential drought, as stated previously this thread is being made on January 12th and not June 12th. We know of a number of games already slated for the service and set for this year, just not when they’ll fall. A discussion about what could be best or people want to see could lead to positive discourse.


I’m going to go out on a limb and say Xbox will be adding more games to their subscription service before the first half of the year is over.

And yes it is January 12th


Javy always be creating evergreen threads with high engagement potential. :fire:


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A page from the Prog book with Gears.

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this get some heavy hitters from past year

RE8 in primis

that thread really be having more engagement than the game its based on.

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Crossfire X (campaign) February Day 1 Gamepass. MLB the Show 22 Day 1 Gamepass. These two titles alone would be enough for me to be happy.

published by Activision.

I think it’s time we forgot about this completely.


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The thing with MLB is that outside of NA nobody gives a soul about baseball in general so all the other fans are meh.

Again not saying its not a good addition - Im just highlighting the limitation of the overall sport.


“insert sand gif”.

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very possible. Capcom has been a good post launch gamepass drop partner with RE7, RE2&3 Remake, DMC5, MH:W. Although just on console, so it’s a bigger bummer for me if RE8 actually happens lol

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Hey ho… maybe they drop the check for Elden Ring.

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I would not be shocked if Replaced and Somerville release before E3 time. I’d like to see RE8 and Death’s Door on GP personally. That would nicely round out all the top GotY games from 2021 and have em all in the same subscription. :slight_smile:

Madden 22 is incoming to Gamepass soon. That’s an end of season addition but definitely exciting too.


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Just remember that with RE8 it was leaked that Sony paid to keep it off of Game Pass for at least 12 months post launch.


I’ll be brief.

  1. Gamepass needs BIG games every month when applicable, at least one (DL2 for example).

  2. No, it doesn’t need to be exclusive or timed exclusive.

  3. Yes, MS has the money for it, lacks in negotiation and pursuit.

That’s all.


fucking hell. I think they deliberately did that because Capcom was someone who indeed could drop it on GP based on their previous history on the service, so they nipped it in the bud.


NEW games that Game Pass should target IMO:

  1. Crossfire X
  2. The King of Fighters XV
  3. Warhammer 3 - Already covered on PC so good
  4. Evil Dead: The game - Stinks of GP addition that month because its just that
  5. Spellforce 3 (?)
  6. Strangers of Paradise
  7. Tiny Tina - GP “Template” game and Id go all out for it with the Stalker delay. Borderlands is a big IP.
  8. Vampire: The Masquerade
  9. Steelrising (?)
  10. Saints Row