Watch Dogs Legion Running on XSX (With Raytracing)

Improvements across the board on SX (Assuming on top of the X enhacements) :

  • 4k resolution, 30 fps with raytraced reflections
  • Improved lods, draw distance, geometry, textures, and other settings like lighting, shadows.
  • Ussing SSD to reduce loading times and allow you to drive faster
  • Apparently there’s a mode with unlocked framerate that supports VRR which also future proofs the game for newer hardware

New video


I was hoping to see a video similar to this showcasing the graphical improvements on the Xbox Series X, so I’m happy they made this video. It looks really good! The ray-tracing is quite impressive. Shame it’s 30 FPS, but oh well. Hoping that Ubisoft does this for their other games such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Raytracing along with HDR is gonna be so damn sweet!

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Looks fantastic. On current gen it looks kind of flat.



They also mentioned VRR support for XSX.


Yeah I wanted to ask that. There are no reflections in the puddles at all? Comparison videos should be cool.

Yes a mode with unlocked framerate and VRR is awesome. And future proofs the game for the SXX


This looks absolutely incredible, as good as any recent raytracing next Gen footage we have seen. I’m really impressed.

Series x is a beast.


If we continue to go down the road of consoles being backwards comptable but with more available, developers should really offer the option of unlocked framerates since it will basically mean an upgraded version without any additional work.

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That actually looked really good!

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So WDL will have two modes? Or do I misunderstood this?

I wasn’t going to get this for a while but will look out for it on black friday to play after ACV, looks bloody good!

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Holy shit.


That’s probably the most ‘next-gen’ thing I’ve seen from Xbox Series X hardware so far.

I’m gonna have to buy this game, aren’t I? God-damn you WatchDogs and your superb DXR reflections! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :wink:

Shakes mock angry fist!


That’s the impression I got, they have a locked 30fps mode, or an unlocked fps mode with VRR

With that username you oughta :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wonder at what resolution, because I might go for that. My tv supports VRR.


Yeah… I’m mainly a game-pass man but Watchdogs gets a ‘buy’ from me.