Watch Dogs Legion 4K/30fps w/RT on Xbox Series X/PS5

Hello to the greatest community on the internet!

Here is the confirmed Frame Rate and resolution for Watch Dogs Legion on the Xbox Series X & Playstation 5.

4K/30Fps with RT

No info on a 60Fps mode yet.

If anyone has anymore info on a 60fps mode etc please let me know!


This game seems to be pretty darn demanding on pc too, so it’s not surprising to see the 30fps with RT.

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I can understand the 30fps considering it has RT

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Really hoping that we get an option for 1080P/60FPS with Ray Tracing in the future for games in general but for some odd reason, I don’t see it happening.

As for Watch Dogs Legion, it will be the first game that I play on Xbox Series X so while I would prefer an option like I said above, it won’t stop me from playing the game. Hoping that the 30FPS is locked with fluctuating.


Yeah. Don’t ever expect 4k 60 with RT unless it’s supersampled using DirectML or something, not even the best gpus on pc are able to do it natively.

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Should be locked! Be shocked if it is not, the RT should look really good too!

I would also like a 1080/1440p 60fps mode but you never know they may have on!

I agree! But It would be nice to get a mode without RT in exchange for a higher framerate for those who would prefer it.

Yeah, the Ray Tracing looked real good in the Series S video with Jason Ronald so im expecting it to look better on Xbox Series X.


I want to see the footage again. Have a link? :slight_smile:

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Too bad I’m not interested in the game, some RT-goodness would have been nice.

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Go to 7:30 -


Do we know if the co-op content will be there by the 10th? My lady and I are looking for a co-op game to play since Destiny 2’s next-gen update got delayed.

Pretty sure that Ubisoft said it’s December for the co-op/MP stuff but im not 100% sure on that so might want to verify it all. I do know that they released some videos a week or two ago with all that information. I just don’t remember all of it. LOL.

Looks great indeed. The raytracing is the water puddles I assume?

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I can’t decide whether to go with this or ACV. Probably prefer AC gameplay and setting but I guess I’m pretty much done with it after Odyssey. But then I still enjoy dipping back in.

I’m going with AC at launch then WDL for Christmas, no way I can handle two Ubi games side by side lol!

I think normally I’d go watch dogs but it just feels close to cyberpunk and obviously that seems a bit much to have two similar games on the go.

I’m not excited about Watch dogs legion at all. The graphics look last gen to me, and it seems more samey-samey than even Assasins Creed.

But the thing is, the previewers have been saying the exact opposite about it being samey samey. Apparently this seems to be an example of Ubi trying new things.

Watch dogs looks fantastic in terms of graphics imo. It’s whether it’s actually fun to play or not…

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