Wasteland 3 score prediction

Im gonna go high 80s, fingers crossed this aint gonna be one og those unexpected flops

Yup, I expect 82-87

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I’ve always used those scores as an indicator if I want to play. Not saying I’m a snob who doesn’t play 60 rated games or something. If something is in a genre I like, I’ll play everything 60 rated and up.

If it’s in a genre I’m not entirely sure of, I’ll play it with an 80+ score.

The other way around, if a game is in a genre I don’t really like then even a 95 metacritic score won’t sway me.

I’m hoping between 80-90, inXile’s storytelling chops are nothing to scoff at.

i assume you use very trust pages or consistent at leats and no the general score, for example for shotters i love to see jackfrags videos

I expect something like an 84, but for my taste I feel like it will be a 94-95. Wasteland 2 was probably a 92 for me and I expect W3 to be even better.

After several games with a low score I I genuinely enjoyed I don’t really let a score define my purchase. But I think it’s fun to discuss how the score turns out.

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Metacritic needs to stop doing this crap where different versions of games have different scores. They need to have one universal score for a game and not have separate scores for the Xbox/PC/PS4 version of the game


85ish seems about right to me. InXile have so much potential and they have really put a lot of love into this game from what I’ve seen.

Voted 85-90. Closer to 85 though.

You guys are surely optimistic I like :slight_smile:

low 80 high 70

crpgs are back on the map now, so 85-90.

I don’t remember last time they showed the game… so little efforts on selling the game makes me think it will go mostly unseen under the radar… so 75-80

Keep in mind wasteland 2 has an 81 on metacritic, and considering this looks to be an improvement in every way i would be very suprised to see it go below that, unless they somehow make the story or gameplay bad.


Never understand these kind of threads, reviews are subjective, at best you will find a set of reviewers that share your tastes and be able to get some level of accuracy from them for yourself.

This for example doesn’t represent my experience with SotTR

Reducing a game to a number is equivalent to doing the same for a book. LOTR 2/10 I don’t like orcs.

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I don’t give clicks to scored reviews now. I’m fine reading certain people’s thoughts on games though.

Obviously I’ll make an exception for Xbox Era :slightly_smiling_face:

I actually only look at reviews for games that I’m on the fence about and if it has a fairly high score on something like meta/open critic then I tend to go ahead but this doesn’t usually happen often because I tend to buy the good AAA games most of the time.

Like you said it’s always not a good idea to go off the number because I bought into the Anthem hype, preordered the game played it on day 1 and I actually loved the game despite the lack of loot/content. Now if I just went off the score alone I wouldn’t have picked it up and had the fun I did with the game.

Didn’t regret buying Anthem at all despite the reviews all being bad.

Good mentality. I like to speculate on scores but in reality they don’t influence my purchase.

However stuff like gamebraking bugs can hinder my purchase.


I really can’t get into CRPGs unfortunately, but I expect 85-90.