VRS, ML, Mesh Shading: Which game will be first to use it all?

The Series X and S have plenty of new tools, which we keep hearing “are coming soon”. Which game do you think will be the first to use each one? Hellblade? Halo? Perfect Dark?

VRS is easy. Gears is already using it upto tier 2 VRS.

I believe hellblade 2 or project Mara will be the first ones to use thee ML. There was even a leaked post on reddit about it.

No info on mesh shading from me.

You’re right, I forgot about Gears using it!

Do you have a link to the leaked Reddit report?

When it comes to ML & Mesh Shading, any deep and meaningful usage of those are for games out will be exclusive to DX12U hardware. But that would discount hundreds of millions of PCs and the 150+ million last-gen consoles out there.

So I don’t expect it to happen soon for the bigger titles. Not until next gen adoption as well as DX12U compatible graphics card adoption is greater than non-DX12U cards.

That said, I think the first game of that will make use of all of this tech in a meaningful fashion will be an indie game. I think that doesn’t need millions of sales to be profitable and isn’t aiming for commercial success but rather to be a novel product.

I think the adaptation will be similar to what ray tracing had.

I also think for major adoption, in built support of Unity and Unreal engine is essential.

Also, it’s been restricted by Xbox gdk development for now. I think it’s still not a turn on that switch kind a thing.

Here you go


I think Forza Motorsport has a good chance of being the first, mesh shader apparently requires a full rework of the geometry pipeline but I can see turn10 doing it because it could be very useful in a racing game.

VRS is almost a given for every new XGS title because it is easy to implement and already in use.

ML is could be used for drivatars/driver AI.

Raytracing is already confirmed.

Direct storage and SFS should be in too.

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VRS is a given for racing games. Instead of motion blur - simply use VRS. No one will notice while passing on those high speeds.

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We should see wide adoption of VRS, SFS, Velocity Architecture optimizations and DirectML super resolution for first-party and some third-party games

Mesh shaders is a different beast and needs a wider adoption of D12U hardware for us to start seeing it.

DirectML super resolution should be in every first-party game once it is available, they’ll just implement it gradually to older games like FPS boost I believe, new first-party games should come with it from the get go.

ML AI and animations depends on the studio needs for their game.

XVA, VRS and SFS should be in every first-party game from 2022 onwards, I believe.

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The best guess has to be Turn10, id Software and Coalition. All three, independently. Easily the most talented set of studios, now. Forza Motorsport, Doom Next/Quake?, Gears 6.

These are the studios at the forefront of using the latest tech and toys from Game Stack in general. Unlike Dirt 5 which uses VRS pretty weakly.

There is a clear choice now, either go the way of the new highly parallel Mesh shaders, or stick to the older mesh pipeline.

I know that super-res seems the new hotness, but SFS and Mesh shaders are the real deal. SFS for open worlds, and mesh shaders for a handling an enormous number of objects without sacrificing performance.

I don’t care too much about them using RT – there is a lot that can be done with SSR and ambient occlusion. You don’t need puddles everywhere. Atmospherics, particle effects, fabric effects are the future.

If MS behaves like how MS used to behave, and creates future-ready code, they will go for Mesh shaders and ask for DirectX12U cards from both Nvidia and AMD as a prerequisite. I think the gamers will start getting ready by summer.

While this chicken and egg situation with cards continue, my hope was they could leverage Xcloud more. But the chicken and egg continues on the Xcloud deployment side too – with Xbox Series blades availability being affected.

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I’m guessing the first to use all features will be whichever comes first between Hellblade 2, Project mara, Gears 6 or Fable, or Forza 8

I say Forza 8 or Everwild

Gears 6 or Forza Motorsport

Gears 6 or Hellblade 2.

My safest bet on the question asked is Forza Motorsport. They are always in the forefront of such technologies also because a racing game is the optimal ground to gather experience. I would even say that ML will also a big part of what comes with Forza Motorsport as the foundation is already there with Drivatars.

My 2 cents!

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No mention of sampler feedback streaming? That’s likely the most substantial upgrade as it effectively doubles the amount of ram in the Series consoles.

I remember watching a video on it, looks impressive. What game do you guess will have that first?

My comment includes all the new techniques available with the new consoles. I just wanted to highlight the ML aspect a little bit …

No clue. Depends on when it’s available to use in the GDK.