Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown has been announced (PS4 Exclusive)

It is the same game but remade in the Dragon Engine and only on PS4. It is also rumored to be one of next month’s PS+ games. Now, I own a PS4, so of course I am going to snag it, but being exclusive is kind of bogus when the previous version has been playable on Xbox One for half a decade.

EDIT: The exclusivity may not last too long -


So not even SEGA is “safe”, Xbox presence in Japan, or worse, in japanese devs mind, is really abysmal. This game is even playable on bc, I own it through Gold.


With Sony now running EVO, I expect that more stuff like this is going to happen. Microsoft REALLY needs to make another Killer Instinct.

They substiatially surrendered fighting games if they don’t even try to get mid tier games like this or the Arc System games. KI is no go without devs, the only hope is if they really buy WB in some shape or form and they get NetherRealm.


Man NetherRealm would be such an amazing acquisition for Xbox. They are the best Fighting developers hands down!


Disappointed it won’t be coming to Series X or even XB1. But very happy to see the franchise come back. People have slowly been discovering Virtua Fighter in the Yakuza games. being on PS Plus will give it more exposure.

To me Virtua fighter is what Zelda is to adventure games or Mario is to platform games. Sega never sells out on the gameplay. VF will never be button masher friendly, its so balanced and smooth and deep. Its fighting game perfection.

I think this will probably be like Judgment. PS4 last gen exclusive and then they release next Gen versions for Xbox series and PS5 and Skip XB1.


Isn’t this an old game? Pointless

It’s really cool what they’re doing with this but it’s also very disappointing to hear it’s PS4-exclusive.

Man, Xbox really does need a fighting studio.


Thats not the overall point and its a remaster/rerelease


Let’s not be so dramatic. This game likely had a very small budget and the PS4 version would be the safest bet for any chance of success. Add in the fact that the game is playable on Xbox consoles and that may have impacted the decision to a degree. If this was launching on the PS4 and PS5, I’d agree that the mindshare of Japanese developers may have played a part. However this looks like a very business conscious decision and nothing more.

Nothing stops this from appearing on Xbox down the line.

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So far Sony hasn’t spent a cent on moneyhatting anything I’m actually interested in, fingers crossed that continues.

On one hand, I like this because VF has my favourite artstyle out of all fighters and getting a new coat of paint on VF5 would be cool.

But being a PS4 digital only title that targets 1080p @ 60fps with no mention of a PS5 version running at 4K or 1080p @ 120fps is disappointing. It’s coming out at an odd time, mid-generation-shift.

While I think a VF6 would be cool, and a VF5 refresh isn’t a bad idea, I truly believe a VF Collection would make the series relevant again. With games playable in their original aspect ratio and resolutions, or in widescreen at high resolution. And 120 fps support. And HDR. And online play. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I look to Street Fighter Collection as the template here, with all the art included (VF has a ton of CG art).

Sorry to make this thread about something else. I see some untapped opportunity with this series. If this is truly on PS Plus, that’s awesome and I look forward to it.


I would not say it is pointless. It may be an “old” game, but it is not playable on PS4.

Looks like a deal that was made awhile back. No PS5 version biggest tell. I expect more impactful moves from both sides soon though.

Can you play it on Xbox?

I mean this isn’t Virtua Fighter 6.

MAybe the only reason this exists is some sort of deal with Sega in regards to VF at Evo or something.

Also I wouldn’t be on this coming out on a gamepass in a few months. Might just be timed exclusive.

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Final Showdown is BC on Xbox for like 4 years plus it’s playable in Yakuza 6.

If this wasn’t on PS Plus this would’ve been DOA (no pun intended). But then again Destruction All Stars was and that game is dead now.


Well there you go. But no doubt Sega will put the updated version on xbox as well at some point

Remember when Sony wanted to charge 70 bucks for Destruction all stars??


Wouldn’t be suprised if this game didn’t exist without Sony.

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If you look at this teaser:

It looked like a new VF geared towards eSports. But it’s likely that perhaps Sony worked with Sega to ensure their their VF5 was playable on the PS4 (and therefore PS5) and that it would be part of Evo.

This is speculation on my part but it makes a lot of sense.

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Yup and now it’s 20 dollars lol what a mess. No idea what they were smoking when they wanted to be greedy and have the game to be full price.

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