Video Game Market Analysis Thread

Yes, but also DQ9 please :pray: tumblr_nyhwq75y1v1skasmxo1_500

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The price increase might not impact Sony as far the as charts go because I don’t think it will deter the scalpers very much. However it may stop some real people from buying one. In other words sales will be the same (sold out) but will shift more to scalpers.

WE have the best DQ game on Xbox. I pray 12 is Multiplat.

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But I want 9 because it’s my favorite, because every character I use is created by me(may need citation, as I think all the playable characters are customized by the player, but I could just be remembering wrong) and close to the end of the game my maid outfit wearing team of 4 luminaries were freaking awesome.

It’ll be multiplat. It’s sad that that may not include Xbox, but I highly think it will. Exclusively not having the big new DQ would be a bad message for JP audiences. This is one Square game MS would throw money to have.

The bad thing is it looks like DQ3 HD will be multiplat… Just not for Xbox.

9 would need a full on remaster possibly remake. Its a DS game and well suited to that platform. I enjoyed it. But i wouldnt get it on xbox if it was a straight port. Would need a major overhaul

Now DQ9 witH 11 graphics? Sure.

I wouldn’t even mind if it wasn’t, and they can get away with an uprezed version if they do a DQ collection that includes all the mainline games before 11.


The new normal after the shortages issues are resolved.

As far as sales numbers are concerned, the Ampere numbers from earlier in the month put the sales ratio for PS5 and Xbox Series as 1.6:1, whereas when aligned for the same period last gen, the ratio between PS4 and XBO was 1.4:1. Keep in mind, this is with PS5 suffering from a supply shortage the PS4 never had.

If PS5 supply wasn’t knee-capped for several months near the end of last year into the early quarter or such of this year, the ratio would probably be noticeably higher in its favor, just looking at the trends.

The best MS and we Xbox fans should do is look at Xbox Series vs XBOX One.

This is also with Xbox not having any major first party titles either so lets not pretend only Sony is handicapped here

And this based on your assumption that Xbox stock is not ‘knee-capped’?

Both consoles are selling what they make.


Does Ampere have the actual numbers or are they just guessing?


No one except Microsoft has actual sales numbers.

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Weekly Famitsu Sales

Software Sales (physical only)

  1. [NSW] Splatoon 3 – 301,845 / 2,743,135
  2. [NSW] Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythm Festival – 31,085 / NEW
  3. [PS5] Horizon Forbidden West – 10,263 / 81,479
  4. [NSW] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 9,617 / 4,847,032
  5. [NSW] Minecraft – 8,829 / 2,801,507
  6. [NSW] Dragon Quest X Offline – 8,554 / 152,390
  7. [NSW] Nintendo Switch Sports – 8,538 / 740,713
  8. [NSW] The DioField Chronicle – 6,415 / NEW
  9. [PS4] Dragon Quest X Offline – 5,642 / 53,742
  10. [NSW] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – 5,079 / 4,981,611

Hardware Sales

Switch – 86.572 (26.293.093)

PlayStation 5 – 29.522 (1.955.203)

Xbox Series X|S – 12.179 (350.427)

3DS – 41 (24.595.901)

PlayStation 4 – 10 (9.395.481)

Playstation really doesn’t like to lose sales.

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It’s like they get reminded Japan exists and send some units over there to double Xbox sales for that week and proceed to forget about it again lol.

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Well someone got triggered.

Am I reading this correct, ps4 sold 4 hardware sku? 12K for xbox x/s is pretty good?

No they sold 10, it’s completely dead over there, surprised they even bother updating it at this point

and yea 12k is very good