Video Game Market Analysis Thread

I believe they said recently that they won’t increase price for the time being. If so, more power to you.


What you need to know

Publisher Electronic Arts shared its financial results for FY23 Q1.

The publisher saw $1.78 billion in revenue for the quarter.

Live services accounted for 73% of net bookings for the last 12 months.

The EA player network has grown to almost 600 million active accounts.

Electronic Arts (EA) reported a solid quarter, mostly thanks to strong performance from live services.

The publisher that for the Q1 2023 fiscal year period, it achieved $1.78 billion in revenue. Live services grew 20% year-over-year over the last year, and accounted for 73% of net bookings for the last 12 months of EA’s financial results.

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Didn’t realise RE7 had sold that much

Dragons Dogma is surprising too, Capcom doing very well

That’s huge, Microsoft will likely be sniffing around EA (again) after ABK is done.

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Over 40% profit margin, won’t increase game prices. How is that even possible?!

Re7 is one of those games constantly solf for 10 bucks so no surprise. Village sales not freat but now that they have 3rd person mode it should sell more

New week, new weekly sales, copied from Community Thread post by TheBrightestSun.

  • Switch OLED – 42,355
  • Switch – 20,489
  • Switch Lite – 10,394
  • PS5 – 36,237
  • PS5 Digital Edition – 3,099
  • Xbox Series X – 7,093
  • Xbox Series S – 1,895
  • New 2DS LL – 87
  • PS4 – 14

By TGS, Xbox Series will be at more than 300K in Japan. Before next TGS, Xbox Series will have sold way more than Xbox OG and could (maybe ?) match Xbox 360 install base in Japan by the end of generation.

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I only see Nintendo dominating over there. Everyone else is struggling behind them when looking at LTD. Sony is doing worse than last gen. Microsoft is doing better than last gen.


Microsoft is doing much better this generation in Japan and that’s what matter, because they will invest more, proof of that is the range of new positions that are available for the region.


New account, obvious troll console warrior. Ignore.


Which will force Phil to buy Square and Capcom. Then Jim will say “Why are they picking on me?”.

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Great numbers all round, well maybe not ps4 or 2ds but you know


Basically the whole market for Sony/Xbox/Nintendo is around 280m I guess? With Sony/Xbox together hanging at 160-180m.

Now compare it to PC or humongonous mobile market with 1b+ users.

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Yeah its no surprise that Xbox and now Sony are moving past console only

Switch sells like crack and will likely end up selling more than the ps2 but that’s still only 150 - 200m potential customers

Natural evolution from both of them. You just cant limit yourself to the same 250-300 (at most) users

Square Enix doesn’t think so :joy:

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Yesh, not sure what total console market is. It does seem like one can add PS and Xbox to get roughly 160-180 million each generation, consistently.

Adding in Nintendo does produce a higher number, but what are we trying to derive? If its unique consumers, then thats a real hassle as many will have at least two of the three consoles.

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