Video Game Market Analysis Thread

“Um, Microsoft, could you help us with your titles, please???”

“Um, Microsoft, could you help us with your titles, please???”

Before anyone gets mad this is satire (or is it?). Technically it does say “existing” which would exclude new IP.

But…what new IP? As it stands, once Stellar Blade is out, I expect more PC releases and remaster/remake.

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The only way to offset that production cost is to scrap the PS5 Pro & make this generation last ten years, because otherwise the cost of newer hardware is going to be exorbitant.

In any case I find the Sony defense force utterly hilarious in moments like this, i.e. even when the company itself is not happy with the results & one of the higher ups says they’re not doing as well as they should be (words to that effect), we see the usual suspects running around forums & social media shouting “everything is fine, nothing to see here”.

The truth is the cost of game production is currently unsustainable. They’re also attempting to get an unrealistic amount of money out of people who already invested in the hardware.


You’re probably right but we haven’t heard what the following are working on:

  • Bend (Days Gone was 2019)
  • Bluepoint (Demon Souls was 2020)
  • Housemarque (Returnal was 2021)
  • Media Molecule (Dreams was 2020)
  • Team Asobi (Astro was 2020)
  • Sucker Punch (GoT was 2020)

Considering many of these work on a 4-5 year lifecycle it’s still possible they release something ‘new’ by March 2025 rather than an existing IP. Most people expect Sucker Punch to be working on GoT 2 but they could be working on a new IP instead.

I see Team Asobi to be the likely candidate. The rest will announce something, but will hold after later in 2025.

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I also think Bend have a good chance as it will be nearly 6 years.

We know their new project is a new open world multiplayer IP (not a existing franchise).

SoD devs said the same thing, so I don’t expect both to be released this year, at the very least. Maybe Bend’s game will come out just before March 2025 ends. That’s my guess.

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Yeah, people can make fun of xbox all they want but it is clear now that PS has its own problems now.

Also, it seems that Imsomniac leak about layoffs across SIE and posibly a studio closure is looking more likely.

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Also also: ps5 pro is not going to be cheap.

799$ US! Get that second job!

I wonder how much they’ll have to sell it for in order to not lose on each one sold, there’s no way they are going to release a premium console like that for enthusiasts and take a deep loss

PS5 is still pretty much full price and the CEO is already saying not to expect big reductions in price :phil_unsure:

There’s no way it’s any less that a $200 increase over the base ps5 price

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter too much because they use 3rd parties to fill the gap. Sony would be in major trouble if they didn’t rely on third parties to fill the gap

Yeah, going by his words they just simply cant reduce ps5 price because that will heavily impact their (already) low profit margins so I expect the pro to cost, at least, $150 more than the base model.

Its clear ps6 cant go the route of “bigger, better, more expensive games!”

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Truns out ps5 is also behind ps4 sale both launch aligned and during pat quarter (will there be doom or…?)^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1757659600088617307|twgr^|twcon^s1_&ref_url=

The only game that can save them is gta 6


Shouldn’t GTA6 also save Xbox? I actually wonder if a lot of players are still on Xbox One waiting for that one next gen game to make the plunge.

Series S being the cheapest place to play GTA6 should be heavily taken advantage of by Xbox


Yeah with “them” I mean series consoles and ps5 as both are down compared to ps4 and one.

One of the big problem for PS is Xbox. Say what you want about the console sale and/or rumored strategy (tomorrow), but they’re still a problem for PS. If they were to die, the third-party share will have been extraordinary.