Video Game Market Analysis Thread

I wonder if the estimated revenue is also including anything from Ubisoft+ subs or is it purely from sales because they say players of copies sold

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Ubisoft likely signed a similar deal with Disney that playstation have for spiderman so of the revenue a good 20% or so to the IP holder and 30% to the platform holders. They’re probably losing a ton of money at the moment and have to be hoping the game has a long tail

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Been a while since I posted Famitsu sales but there actually was a small bump in Xbox sales (it’s typically around 1k). I wonder how this will continue to pan out over the next week…

Software Sales (physical only)

  1. [PS5] Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – 102,940 / NEW
  2. [NSW] Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island – 85,424 / NEW
  3. [PS4] Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – 77,134 / NEW
  4. [PS5] Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 – 21,276 / 264,888
  5. [PS5] Tekken 8 – 20,516 / NEW
  6. [NSW] Super Mario Bros. Wonder – 13,628 / 1,700,970
  7. [NSW] Momotaro Dentetsu World: Chikyuu wa Kibou de Mawatteru! – 11,822 / 948,812
  8. [NSW] Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy – 10,593 / NEW
  9. [NSW] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 7,174 / 5,687,955
  10. [NSW] Minecraft – 5,526 / 3,430,270

Hardware Sales

PlayStation 5 – 49.945 (5.150.337)

Switch – 46.435 (32.027.938)

Xbox Series X|S – 3.905 (547.761)

PlayStation 4 – 655 (9.492.978)

3DS – 15 (24.600.972)

Now to comment on the games, LAD opens pretty strong, but Shiren the Wanderer (new mystery dungeon RPG from Spike Chunsoft) is a shocking hit here, that’s even more than Master Detective Archives IIRC. Tekken was never that big in Japan I don’t think so I’m not surprised by that number.

(Also it’s 2024 and the 3DS closed the eShop and is about to close the servers. Famitsu why you still tracking this? :sob:)

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Dont forget about Rayman.

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Obviously it will affect Switch and Xbox more but I predict PS5 sales to have decline during the year now that the pent-up demand due to shortages has been met.


Anyway any word on how Palworld is doing in Japan?

Just saw T2 statement of “reduction in cost” :cold_face: :cold_face:

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Lot of people, articles and analysts are painting a bleak picture for gaming

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It’ll make as much money as ever, it’s just not doing the “numbers go up” growth that capitalism demands. Not enough


This is also noteworthy:

I don’t see this ever changing.


Jokingly or maybe not, but who should be blamed for live service ruling the world?

EA? :v

I mean im sure the Fortnites and Cods cant be ‘beaten’. But Helldivers 2 seems to be doing well?

With every new GAAS release I will always reserve judgement after a couple of months/years. It is always the same, a new release reach high numbers of players but then lost a vast majority of its playerbase after some time (look at the finals).

Ive always said the fortnite cod and roblox is the equivilant to game porn. Addictive but harmful for you

Thank god i dont invest my time and money in any of those

Was this shared?

Starfield again being an ultragigabombapiece of crap…Oh, and 3 first party Xbox games in the chart :eyes: (keep in mind this does not include battlenet sales)


The problem is budget & cost of development in the west.

Take Capcom for example: RE4 Remake has insane AAA production values with top of the class gameplay, anmations, cinematics & graphics. It sold 6.5 million copies since its release… & Capcom is happy with that number. They’ve got a Resident Evil conveyor belt of releases with attainable sales within functional budgets.

Meanwhile if the game was made in California, it would probably barely break even & there would be layoffs.

That’s just one example.

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You can not judge GAAS games success on 1st week.