VGC: Konami set to revive Metal Gear, Castlevania and Silent Hill

Wonder which studios they’ve tapped to work on these games, especially the prominent Japanese dev making Silent Hills?

Whisper it… Tango…


Aren’t you telling me what people were saying for the last two years were fabricated bullshits? XD

Anyway, if that’s means Konami would ramp up its core series support, I’m all in for it, the new F2P PES is not a good start honestly.


Koei Tecmo or Bokeh Game Studios would fit I guess ?

If Microsoft tries to partner with Konami on some games it might really help the Japan situation

Is VGC reliable though? Seems like a lot for one person to know.

I have zero confidence in modern Konami and a chinese mgs3 remake, wut?

Konami’s biggest games have always been more popular in the North American region than in japan. I hear metal gear and silent hill talked about way more in NA than I do JPN. I’m sure it would sell okay in Japan but If you were making moves specifically to please/entice the Japanese market there are better ways to spend your money.

Even the flare and styling of Kojima seems geared towards American markets as they are put together in more of cinema/movie style then a video game.

From Konami pachislot

Would be insane to have this level of graphics but hey it’s nice to dream!

Please Konami don’t screw it and live up to the Legacy.

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So the Sony insiders where wrong once more


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Konami seems to be going the external route as Virtuous is rumored to be developing Metal Gear Solid 3 remake while Bluepoint is still heavily rumored to be developing 1998 MGS remake. And of course, Bloober Team is rumored to be working on Silent Hill reboot.

Have to wait and see but at this point, I would much rather see outside external studios develop these games because from the looks of that soccer game and just in general, Konami has nothing left in the tank internally.

I have not been following this topic much.

Curious - what were the original claims of the sony “insiders”?

Didn’t they just say they were working on something original? If it was a remake it would be business as usual and they wouldn’t have made explicit remarks.

Seems like they have two teams and thus, two projects in development. One is an original game while the other is said to be a remake of a beloved franchise which definitely fits in with MGS.

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Is there a source? Is it someone just trying to keep the hope alive?

According to Wiki they have 70 employees. They just released Demons Souls under a year ago.

Multiple insiders have come out and said Bluepoint arent working n MGS at all

They are remaking something but not MGS

Seems like the remake is NOT MGS which makes sense as I would think the remake would be of a Sony owned IP. The wiki is probably outdated because Sony will be ramping up Bluepoint Games. They did release Shadow of the Colossus in early 2018 and then Demon Souls. Depending on the size of the remake, I can easily see it being revealed next year and then released in 2023. After all, they’re remaking a game that already exists.

Yeah, I know. I thought they were but apparently not. MGS remake(s) are external though according to rumors which makes sense since I don’t want Konami developing these remakes at all.

Yeah I don’t believe this until I see trailers. These rumors have been happening for 10 years and they haven’t started staffing up.

Interesting, seems like more than they can handle but we’ll see. Maybe they’ll partner up with another studio.