VGC: Konami set to revive Metal Gear, Castlevania and Silent Hill

Hahaha. I think Sony will just expand them to two teams. I’m hoping for a Jak & Daxter trilogy remake like Ratchet 2016 since I never played them but seems like Bluepoint remakes the Japanese games like SOTC and Demon’s Souls so chances are that the remake won’t be for me. The second project is small like Miles Morales or Lost Legacy level which is perfectly fine by me. I just hope it’s a game that I want to play.

Konami ain’t doing shit.

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The article clearly indicates the contrary lmao

Haha fake sony insiders wrong again

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Bluepoint MGS is complete BS. Bluepoint does more or less 1:1 remakes but with better graphics. A 1:1 remake of MGS isn’t gonna fly with that camera angle and dated gameplay. People would want it in third person and to have tons of new mechanics, which isn’t something Bluepoint ever does.

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Something about “original content”, not original IP, or so thats how the chatter seemed to go.

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Wouldnt surprise me if they are using an established IP for their next game.

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Their remakes are more like actual remasters where they replace the render with something new but it’s the old game and logic running underneath (more like the Halo, Fable and Gears Anniversary editions and less like Resident Evil 2), so yeah shorter dev times are expected.

Their new ip is also said to be a smaller scoped game (Said to be in the same scope as Miles Morales).

Not sure if they are a 2 team studio (though contract workers tend to, if not even more) so there’s a chance both are in development indeed, and that may launch soonish

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Now, if they are not already a 2 team studio, it’s not as easy as just expanding to a multiple team studio. Sony tried before with ND and SSM and in both cases it ended spectacularly bad with projects canceled and many lay offs. One of the reasons Ms acquired studios that were already used to work with multiple creator led teams, because they could just stuff them up to increase the size of their projects.

Isn’t he the person who said that a big acquisition was happening in September? Lol.

Andy Robinson leaked a lot of stuff which turned out to be correct. There is no one with a 100% track record.

I really hope at some point they remake or port MGS4. Even though I consider it the worst in the series, it’d still be great to not have that single game locked to the PS3 for eternity.

They can indicate all they want. This doesn’t mean they’ll make new games. They got excited about GBA ports and now they think these gsmes are back. Also where is Suikoden?

Also I’m not questioning the validity of the article. I truly believe Konami has said they’ll bring gsmes back

I’m questioning Konami themselves. This is just to draw in hype.

No new castlevania SH Suikoden game in over a decade. Metal gear survive was garbage. So there’s no real hope they’ll even make good games anymore.

True but Santa Monica IS working on two games. God of War Ragnarok and a second game led by Cory Barlog. Not sure about Naughty Dog. Of course, for Bluepoint, the projects would be smaller and thus, be easier to have two teams. Not like they’ll be developing two massive Ubisoft games or something. lol

Konami doesn’t appear to be developing them. All the games appear to be done by external studios which is a good thing in my opinion.

And Sony will money hat them as annoying timed exclusives

who knows. MS have the power to stop that but I doubt Sony cares about Castlevania.

This should have been done 10 years ago then.

Agreed. But better late than never I guess.