VGC: A decade later, Ubisoft has finally greenlit a new Splinter Cell, sources claim [Remake Greenlit Confirmed]


Prepared for a SC with big online focus



Make this an xbox exclusive and announce at 2022.

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wtf . Alanah Pearce said a week ago that you guys should not ask for a new splinter cell and are going to be much disappointed with what you will get . Thats

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If only…

there are more chances of it being PS5 timed exclusive .

I knew it was only a matter of time, they better not fuck this up and try to make it an ever evolving experience because that is only going to piss people off lol.

Yeah PS5 the well known shooter box :stuck_out_tongue: if this was going to be exclusive to any box it’s Xbox and Ubisoft is much closer to Xbox than Sony imo, their marketing deals suggest so too.

Now people will proceed to complain that Ubi is making a Splinter Cell game for the next 3 years.


I’m thrilled. Amazing news!

I need to see what type of game it will be before getting excited, because the Ubisoft of today seems to be all in on GaaS atm, which I have doubts it can gel well with a SC game.



After the report about AC and rumors about FC I have a hard time really getting excited just yet.

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I’m excited but nervous as it’s one of my favorite franchises. I’m really not sure in which direction a modern Ubisoft would take Splinter Cell. I hope this indicates they’re willing to develop some more traditional Ubisoft games again, but everything else we’ve heard indicates they’re planning on going further into GaaS, so I’ll be cautiously optimistic.

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This is one of my favourite franchises of all time. There’s no doubt it will have GaaS implemented, and if it’s done like Assassin’s Creed then that won’t bother me too much but I’m hoping they go for Hitman style hub levels rather than attempting to do Splinter Cell in a Ghost Recon open world.

Can’t wait for a Splinter Cell looter shooter with gear scores and online MP only with a battlepass!

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It’s a stealth battle Royale lol. Like someone else said above if the GaaS portion is more Assassins Creed like the. I don’t think that’s too terrible but we will see. They said it’s out sourced. I wonder who to.

pick any 1 or more of the following:

Battle royale

Grindy GAAS


Generic Ubisoft open world

congratulations on the creation of your new SC game.

(I seriously doubt Ubi will create the SC game people want)

I’m leaning towards Ubisoft Open World with greater emphasis on stealth. Not necessarily all that bad.

ok I’ll be optimistic for a change. Glad to hear this is in development, will wait and see what kind of Splinter Cell it is.

Cautiously optimistic about this.

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  1. Do a traditional linear campaign that you leave the Ubisoft out of. And have a Spies vs. Mercs mode you can GaaS the hell out of, if you must.


  1. Make it an MGSV clone.
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