UPDATE: Ray tracing confirmed for The Medium

So when looking at The Medium’s listing on Xbox.com, it appears that ray tracing was removed.


However, in the list of Series X games, it still shows it.


Not quite sure what’s going on.


Interesting, I would assume if it was going to be in the game and they just now removed it…was it actually going ot be in the game?

I hope this is not the case and just a mishap. Show me that raytraced greatness baby

Is the series X development kit way behind or something? It doesn’t feel right. We’ve had no gameplay shown on the console. It’s August. Halo Infinite looked behind in development. And ray tracing is a post launch patch. Now the medium seemingly drops ray tracing.

Spider-Man MM is supposedly launching with ray tracing isn’t it? So what’s up with the tools on the X or the X itself? Surely Xbox have learned from last time and don’t have another console coming in hot? If it’s not ready to run games with next gen features then delay it. Don’t release it with the good studs too come’.

As far as I saw the only game with actual RT at the Sony show was Ratchet and GT7, both not launch games. But, I haven’t watched in a minute so I could be wrong? It is a bit peculiar that we haven’t seen on system gameplay yet but I’m guessing that will be shown this month.

Spider-Man MM supposedly has some ray tracing features.

I wonder where? reflections maybe, or shadows.

If you think about it its quite odd to include Raytracing as a feature, i mean its like saying there screen space reflections or svoggi or some other tech

Oh that’s a shame if removed, especially with the dev interview about it.

Could just be a site bug?

I’ll wait for some type of statement or clarification instead of jumping to conclusions and using this to bash the series X liked what is going on now on 2 other gaming sites.

Everyone is so quick to use ANYTHING they can to bash the Series X, it is clearly more powerful, some people cannot accept that.


Between Halo and now this, I am concerned for Xbox Series X ray tracing capability. Especially at launch.

Series X is going to have better RT than the PS5 due to many more CUs and more TFs on the GPU, any “concerns” are very premature especially those drawn from a simple website label.


Don’t think this has anything to do with power. I do think it’s entirely reasonable to be concerned at no gameplay, ray tracing seemingly being absent at launch and we are only a couple of months away. I do despair too at the Xbox negativity elsewhere but I’m a fan and right now I’m worried for them. I might be wrong but the past few weeks I’ve sensed signs that all is not quite right…I hope I am wrong.

I hope not! Only time will tell.

It’s a website label, it’s not currently proof of anything nor should it evoke “worry” and “concern” in anyone.


On its own absolutely not. If Xbox come out and blow us away with some launch title gameplay running on the console with ray tracing and next gen features then all will be good. Here’s hoping…

Too many people too quickly freak out and jump to conclusions, If Series X is having ray tracing issues right now no other console is going to be any better about it.

Everyone is either too quick to snark it up and use something benign like a website label to bash Xbox or use it as some indication of doom and gloom. This type of reaction gets old.

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ehhh Xbox is starting to look shaky with the features if this game is only going to be 30 FPS with no RT, than the only thing that makes this “next gen” is the SSd features…not a good selling point.

What’s up with stuff like this being big news and instantly people panic, some people live on a knifes edge I swear haha.