UK preorders thread

In UK ordered from MS store and nothing yet.

Amazon Uk here. Order Status “Arriving Tuesday” no money taken yet :slight_smile:

Still nothing dispatched from the UK MS store here… Getting a bit worried now.

I don’t think it’s time for worrying just yet, although give me a couple of days… I think the pre-orders in the US shipped earlier because they have been having delays with their post and courier delivery times due to covid. Something which doesn’t really seem to have been an issue here. I would still be pretty confident if they ship it Monday on a next day service we would see it Tuesday. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t complain about having it early but right now I’m not overly concerned that it’s going to be late either. Famous last words I know.

I’m a prime member and have had no issue getting items next day with them, so it’s totally fair to say MS could get these out in a days push even.

But I just want to see that it’s all ok. I don’t want to be waking up Monday morning and see Lloyds face cocked it up again by flagging it as fraud :frowning:

Because they’ll use a next day service if they have UK stock.

So it’ll be sent on Monday with delivery Tuesday which of course is on time.

You’d hope they may send today if they weren’t confident though because of the current situation. We shall find out soon enough!

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Just got email from MS store saying issue with my card. There’s no issue I use it every day, pay it off every month and it has a massive limit.

Trying to change it to a different card and I get a message “Try that again, something happened on our end”.

This is a nightmare.

Had the same although it did let me pick another payment method ok, hope you get it sorted. In other news just had a dispatch email… for the new play and charge kit I ordered.

Got it sorted, Halifax were blocking second payment.

Mine’s turned into a nightmare. I had £145 in Rewards credit when I pre-ordered from MS. That diappeared from my account around the end of October, including amounts added since, so I assumed they’d billed me for that and would subsequently bill me through my credit card for the balance. Today I received a message saying there was a problem with my payment and to update my options. Even though the card and its details were fine I switched to another, only to find that they planned to bill for the full amount. All of the credit meanwhile - including still another fiver from the beginning of the month - seems to have disappeared.

I’m feeling too dispirited to navigate the labyrinth of MS’s accounting support right now, so unless they miraculously sort it out I’ll be cancelling the console and game orders and hoping Argos deliver my PS5 the week following. I’m the vengeful type, so MS will have lost me this gen.

Had a dispatch email from Currys, coming via DPD and looks like it’ll be Monday/Tuesday :relaxed:

While that indeed sucks you’re not longer interested in xbox because of a payment issue? or is this sarcasm?

The money is pending and my order from Microsoft is saying pre-ordered with no option to cancel. Out of curiosity, who do Microsoft use for delivery? My brother received a text from DHL saying his package will be delivered tomorrow and he expects no deliveries that he knows of apart from the Xbox.

Weird I asked Curry’s yesterday and they said they wouldn’t be sending out dispatch emails till Monday…I’ve had nothing yet.

Strange, my tracking has updated to show delivery on Monday now which will be awesome if that happens.

Money’s gone from the bank! (MS Store pre-order, UK).

It’s on!

Literally the same happened to me but for my PS5 order. :man_shrugging:t2: It’s not like they pinpointed you to spite you. Sheeesh

Feel like I can cry rn. So, as I said a long time back, I paid for mine a few weeks back with my Microsoft credit. It has said pre ordered and paid for ages but had the cancel option too the whole time. Just checked after reading this and the cancel option has gone!!

Heck yes! Now just need to wait on delivery details :sweat::rofl:

I don’t mind moving on, frankly. There are other toys, other interests beyond gaming. One of the friends who stayed with Xbox along with me at the beginning of this gen doesn’t game at all now, another is dead (happens a lot when you reach my age).

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Don’t feel ‘targeted’ at all, but stand to pay over £150 more for the machine now, and feel disinclined to chase my tail around Microsoft’s accounting system to recoup the missing credit. I’ve been there before. If it sorts itself out then fine, but I have plenty to do beyond spending hours on that. So sheesh yourself.

Has anyone actually had there money took and dispatch email from Microsoft UK store yet? My payment still says pending on my credit card

Hopefully they take the 150 from your store credit. Strange it’s disappeared… fingers crossed for you, and sorry for the Sheesh :rofl: