UK preorders thread

Hello all.

So I see a lot of people in America, Australia , etc saying there’s have shipped. But from what I can see, UK people who ordered from Microsoft store haven’t got a shipping update.

Anyway. Post in here if you are from UK with your order status and where you ordered from I guess. :grin:

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Ordered from GAME UK and they’ve packed it already.

Just waiting for shipment but that won’t be until tomorrow at the earliest.

Already spent my reward points for the transaction.


Edit: scratch that

Order placed with the Microsoft store in the UK and still nothing shipped yet. They took the payment but mines still showing as pre-ordered for the 10th as well.

Noice one! How much did game give you for rewards? I ordered my bro a PS5 from there so would probably get the same amount. :thinking:

Must just be a UK thing with the MS store, I’m guessing.

Can confirm that myself and the people I know all have the same experience with MS UK: was on pending until Friday, changed to Pre Ordered, no money taken, everyone nervous and frantically checking the bank every half hour

Instore collection for me, so I’m just playing the waiting game with no chance of an early snag. Good luck to you all :slight_smile:

£18 but that was with GAME Elite.

Now I’m intrigued!

We found the only GAME elite member that exists. :o

Joking aside, I’m defintely part of the reason they are dying, I do all my game shopping online now, it’s cheaper and more convenient.

The only thing I’ve brought from them in the past 7 years is ori will of the wisps collectors edition (game exclusive)

Anyway on topic, I got a confirmation email about one series x from very, confirmed it will be here November 10th.

& amazon says my other series x will arrive Tuesday.

So everything is looking A-okay so far.

Haha I did it to get the extra points.

Will cancel the sub now and make off with the profit!

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Hmm. How much does game elite cost? My order hasn’t moved from guest to my account yet so I might get it just for the extra money? Thanks!

Ah I was just wondering if you knew how much rewards points you get. Found out its per euro spent.

Just checked my Microsoft order now and while it does still say pre-ordered I do appear to have lost the ability to cancel the order I have for the Series X. So, I guess something might be happening…

What does everyone think the chances are that the supermarkets will have X stock for launch day?

£3pm and then it doubles the reward value of pre orders.


:rofl: I’m all good thankfully. My mate went with an S and now he wishes he went with the X. I was thinking supermarkets would be his best hope lol

You never know, a pre order may get left behind or some stock may come in. But I think it’s going to be tricky picking up any of these by just walking into a shop for a long time. Well, if covid even allows it!

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Yup, that’s his hope anyway. Up in Scotland here, so we’ve not got a lockdown, yet. So I said for him try the supermarkets as in my head that would be his best bet.

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