UK (England, Wales & Ireland) is in Lockdown again

Pretty sure Game will do the click and collect bud. If I get any info on Reddit or Friends ill update the post!

I am aware delivery will be uneffected bud. More concerned for the people who ordered in store so Im going to update the post as I get more info for those who did! :slight_smile:

Stay Safe

It is 4 Weeks mate November 4th - December 2nd

Try and ignore the goverment for the next 4weeks mate take your mind off em play some video games.

Try and be more positive no point being doom and gloom on something you can not change, save you alot of headaches! :slight_smile:

They should arrive fine my dude dont worry!

Stay Safe friend!

Yep. I live in a high case area so we’ve basically been under restrictions since March. No let up here and today only makes a small difference no restaurants or shops is really only change. But it’s hard with young kids and trying to keep them happy but not being able to see their friends etc…,I’ve been fine most of this time but now I can feel the strains. Video games truly are a great escape now. Fingers crossed.

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Ahh well that makes sense bud I can understand your frustration abit more now.

But in all honesty mate I hope you and your family stay healthy in all this. We will make it through.

They are a great escape I dont know what I would do without them with stuff like this going on.

Cheers appreciate that pal

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Yeah, store pick ups will likely be effected.

In store launch day sales are impossible.

UK retailers are better off allocating brick and mortar store stock to there online store and cancelling in store pick up.

Well store pick ups are happening anyway as Click and collects are still allowed according to the priminister.

But walk in on launch days without pre-order are obviously out of the question.

Only watched a 3min video of boris talking about the new lockdown, i practically been living in a lockdown anyway. I will contine to social distance and wear mask in stores but now its just the way things are, i dont like watching to much about it, does my head in.

Fair play mate I have done the same myself!

I watched todays but wont be watching anything till near lockdown now I go crazy if I do :joy:

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I was thinking I would get into the next generation in lockdown and Boris proves me right…far too late in my honest opinion.

But hey.

I have a delivery order because I was not going to a shop in these circumstances anyway and I hope those who had store orders can be sorted ASAP one way or another.

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I very much agree.

typical am due to start work again after the first lock down and work taking full advantage of the furlough scheme and only reason i was due to start back on monday was the scheme had finished am expecting a phone call today to say dont bother lol. fingers crossed the next gen is delivered on time and stay safe all

I’m pissed because I work at a takeaway place, and won’t be getting furlough.

Last lockdown we were twice as busy with almost half the staff. I almost quit three nights in a row. Especially when customers literally spit on you and say they have covid.

Last month I cut my hours down to only work 3 days a week. Still, I can’t help but to feel really mad about this situation. They could have improved the lockdown rules.

Still get flashbacks of taking my kids back to school, and seeing 30+ people with no masks and within coughing distance.

Scotland here, my mate that works for Game just been in touch to say preorders are secured and they’ll be phoning in the next few days to confirm everything. Reckons we’ll be paying for them by Wednesday close and booking a collection time for launch day.

Good luck everyone and stay safe!

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They should have done this earlier, like Wales did.

Thanks for the info mate!

Is Scotland going into Lockdown then?

Honestly mate dont panic and stay away from headlines like that. They want to scare you to get you to click and read.

Wait and see what happens

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I honestly do order from takeaway place during lockdown so I am apart of the problem but I am sorry things end up like that man. That is vile that people do that to staff and they will get whats coming to them eventually spitting is bottom of the barrel of scum.

I noticed that too when walking passed my local school no parents wearing masks. Unreal.

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I’m not scared, just pissed off that the government didn’t act sooner when all the warning signs were flashing in their faces. Even their own scientists were saying more had to be done (in England at least), a lot sooner than this.

On the bright side, next-gen is coming. And when Football Manager gets released I’ll be on lockdown anyway. :+1:

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