UK (England, Wales & Ireland) is in Lockdown again

Can I get a big Rip or L in the comments for those of us in the UK as our Lockdown starts 5-6days before the Series X Launch! (England)

In all seriousness stay safe out there!

Online Deliverys should proceed as normal as it did in the first Lockdown.

The following stores should still be doing Click & Collect:

•GAME •Gamestop (Ireland) •Smyths

If I hear if anymore stores still doing click & collect for those worried I will update the list! Feel free to comment if you know any updates and I will update the Post :slight_smile:


People who ordered delivery will 90% be fine and still get it on the 10th.

People who chose to pick up on the day are 50/50. Either the company(Smyth for example) will change to doing delivery instead, or click and collect. Most stores WILL be closed.


Indeed, I’ll talk a bit about this on the podcast when we record later tonight.


Would appreciate that bud!

I ordered with Amazon so I should be okay. I really hope people who ordered instore get help with there order

Two days in, here in France, and people are already arguing about unfair closing of small stores and shops.

I hope this lockdown will be effective, because people still don’t understand what is an airborne virus and how it overwhelms our hospitals. With the terrorists attacks on top of that, it has been a rough week…

I really hope my XSX will arrive on time. My One X is dying from overheating (the change of thermal paste worked for a bit but not long) and my controller is fucked. :confounded:

Man, after all we’ve been through this year, I feel like I’m ten years older ! :sweat_smile:


I am so sorry for what happened to your country and people with that Attack on France this week man.

Lets hope these lockdowns help! We are in this together !

Should be fine man! Where did you order?


Fellow UK poster here and…here we go again. Just done the online food shopping, not running out of toilet paper again! :relaxed:

No matter where you are in the world right now, stay safe everyone.

Ordered my consoles from Amazon, still showing delivery for November 10th, for now. Hopefully everyone will be able to get their next-gen hardware* on launch date regardless of where they ordered from.

* Full juicy fat RDNA 2 baby!

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Hello UK brother!

Done my shopping too haha hopefully no toilet paper fiasco this time but got some just to make sure :joy:

I also got mine from amazon uk too and from what I heard the consoles are already in the Warehouses so we should be good!

Stay safe!


Thank you. Yeah, 4 weeks is long enough, I hope.

I preordered at Cdiscount, a french online retailer. I think it will be ok for deliveries. Roads are almost empty, so at least there’s that for drivers.

We’re almost there !

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Yeah a month should hopefully do it! Lets hope.

Awesome man yeah online Delivs should not be effected!

A little over a week!

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Stay safe. I hope you all get your consoles on time.


You too brother

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Scotland still open? Either way, stay safe friends. I hope my UK co-workers get their systems. We can’t wait to play.

I believe Scotland are not in lockdown but I do feel they may follow suit.

We should all get our systems hopefully!

Stay safe brother

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You too! :slight_smile:

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I’ve given two PS5 blind orders to family and have my XSX and PS5 in store gonna be gutted if I can’t get it. Hope click and collect works with Game . They may get make us pay now for our orders before Thursday

Late into lockdown again costing lives, jobs and meaning longer time in purgatory. I’m so very very angry and distressed today. The government were told a lockdown was needed in September. Instead they tried to ramp up reduction of restrictions. We might have got away with two weeks only. Now it’s at least 5 and probably more.

I hope my Series X and S arrive because next few weeks seem really bleak.

Arghhh, I forgot about the toilet roll wars. I think I’ve only got four in the house. Tesco first thing tomorrow!


They dont ban people going to work apart from retail , catering and office workers, delivery men are pretty uneffected as they fly solo and now just leave package at the door.

So unless you plan to get a console in store, next gen launch will be uneffected.

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