Ubisoft to reveal a new game in the Tom Clancy's universe tomorrow

Originally published at: Ubisoft to reveal a new game in the Tom Clancy's universe tomorrow - XboxEra

Ubisoft is set to announce a brand-new game in the Tom Clancy’s universe tomorrow at 11AM PT.

The publisher currently has two known Tom Clancy projects in development: Rainbow Six Extraction, which was recently delayed to January 2022, and The Division: Heartland, a free-to-play game set to be released made available sometime in 2022.

Tomorrow’s announcement has nothing to do with both projects and seems to be a first-person shooter according to a sneak peek provided by IGN.

You can watch the full reveal tomorrow at the link below:

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Sneak peek provided by IGN:

Hahaha it’s hilarious watching people getting their hopes up for a new Splinter Cell game.


According to VGC:

The game could potentially be the new multiplayer PvP title codenamed ‘BattleCat’ which leaked on social media last month.

VGC understands that ‘BattleCat’ is a first-person shooter targeting consoles and PC, which is currently in the early stages of development.

According to leaked marketing documents, ‘BattleCat’ combines the Splinter Cell, Ghost Reckon: Breakpoint and Division games into a single Tom Clancy multiplayer title. Recent leaked images show Splinter Cell’s Echelon as playable characters, as well Breakpoint’s Wolves and The Division’s Cleaners and Outcasts.

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It’s me I’m people. Going to go cry in the car now Friday Movie Running GIF

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Looks very call of duty-esque. Not sure how I feel about it. But we should welcome new attempts at titles in the first person shooter market. Least something new is being tried

The era of Supergames is here.

From what’s been shown, looks like every other military shooter, some were saying how if this was a new Call of duty season map, we’d not be able to tell the difference and I kinda agree. It’s just all homogenized now. Hoping the full reveal is something more exciting.

Halo Infinite is the only shooter I care about rn that’s gonna do its own thing while looking like its own thing. This why I never paid attention to all the alarmism about visual fidelity, cuz I couldn’t give two shits about how last gen it looked as long as the technical hiccups got ironed out like pop in and lighting. The art direction is solid and the gameplay looked fun and inventive, that’s all I cared about. Now after the delay looks like the visuals have gotten the much needed rework too so it’s a win win. It’s just waiting for the game now, goddamn November can’t come soon enough :sob:

I don’t disagree with the homogenized look at all - this game feels like a mish-mash of things others did. A core gameplay that is heavily inspired by Call of Duty, a colourful near-future look that takes cues from Black Ops 2 in particular, tech from The Division, a more of a team-based nature seemingly like Valorant or CS:GO, Overwatch’s more colourful UI, the hitmarkers and feedback from big shooters too, etc. etc…

At the same time, it seems to take the best of every game really, so I’m cautiously optimistic. I’ve been looking for a COD substitute for a bit as I was not satisfied with the maps, progression system, balance, etc. of the last two titles in the franchise, so a bit of fresh meat is certainly welcome. Even if there’s not much fresh about it!


Yeah, I don’t like to judge too early but this looks like nothing I would want from a Tom Clancy game, lol. Ubi is becoming a dev I care less and less for.

I don’t think you would have to use the Tom Clancy name on this game as well lmfao

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I’m excited. A new MP shooter is always good - when its a high production values style of game. So definitely interested. But I love these games. Something to challenge COD is good. Looks interesting. I assume F2P though or its dead already…

Whatever happened to that other online Ubi game? I forgot the name but it got announced, released and you barely hear anything about it anymore.

Hyper Scape is what you mean I assume. Hype lasted for like a few hours, most people lost interest by the time the first wave of betas ended. Game came out and nobody cared. For shame, because while flawed, the game had tons of cool ideas and changes to the formula that should have definitely lasted. I think the game is still technically alive, but already during the first timed event I kept finding matches that had 20-30 players instead of 100. I’d be surprised if it was going well right now, considering it’s nowhere in any chart or Twitch.


Man, that trailer did nothing for me personally at least. It seems that they ripped out what makes Tom Clancy type games different and just want to throw another free to play shooter out there.

Looks good, hopefully, it will have bots and coop modes.

It being developed by Ubisoft San Francisco was the biggest surprise imo


I understand Ubisoft’s approach to free-to-play games. I really do! But it gets harder to pay $60 for something like Rainbow Six when there’s a free multiplayer shooter alternative from the same publisher – especially when that $60 game is also filled with microtransactions.