Ubisoft+ Is probably coming to gamepass on 2021

I don’t see this happening. I think some people have completely unrealistic expectations of how far the Game Pass value story can expand.

I think EA Play is as far as this goes.

I read the translated article ya noted and it’s not really based on much of anything. SUPER flimsy rumor here. Ubisoft costs $15/month on its own. Hard to imagine it could be brought to GPU for free. OTOH, and this is just for fun to entertain the rumor despite it being likely bogus…but…if MS did this it’d likely kill Luna in its cradle. So there’s that.

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I can imagine Ubisoft+ coming to console, and a $5 off for GP:U subscribers as a perk, maybe a free month. Something along those lines.

I have a no idea how they could add a $15-20 sub to a $15 sub at no additional cost.

I mean, I suppose there could possibly be an argument that basically nobody on consoles bothers with Ubisoft+ anyhow, right? Or do they? If not, then it might be good incentive to open them up to a lot more DLC sales I guess. I guess one coulda made the same argument against EA Play coming too, so clearly there is potential incentive there.

Ubisoft+ is only on PC (+Luna and Stadia) afaik. Adding a discount as a GP:U perk or free month would be a biug push for Ubisoft+, or stand-alone GP:U add-on. I don’t know XD Wouldn’t surprise me if they had something in the works.

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Good to know! Being on Luna and Stadia could make this more plausible I suppose, since they’d otherwise be leaving xCloud out and the way to service that potential market would be GPU. Hmmmm.

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Look…I don’t want to get people too excited. But I was told they were in discussions about potentially making this happen.

But that’s all it was. Discussions. I don’t know how far it got or anything. Just that they were in talks.

Was told about a month or more ago but didn’t want to say anything because there was so much unconfirmed. But if stuff like this is springing up maybe there’s more to it.



… Just kidding, though it would be great :sweat_smile:

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Did you read the “10 biggest rumors on Xbox”? Do you think It could be legit in some way?

I’ve read them and:

7 was basically known
5 I had heard they were in talks
1 We had heard there might be 2, I was told there’s definitely 1
10 I think was speculated on based on job listings?
6 is also basically known/speculated rumoured stuff

The rest I doubt is true. They already looked at Sega and walked away was the last I heard.

That would be crazy id probably not need to buy another game.

About Sega: i think Is not true. The only chance Is relating to RELIC Entertainment. XBOX needs RTS developers. World’s Edge are not going to develop AOE or Rise of Nations.

About Other studio: as many other said here i really think that Asobo would be the right choice but the last things happened to Techland could be clues about what is following.

Bloober seems strange to me.

I was thinking…

Ubisoft has just released a new Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs, Just Dance and a new IP in Immortals.

They are launching a new Far Cry and Prince of Persia in the first half of 2021, as well as a new IP in Riders Republic.

They already optimized Rainbow Six and For Honor, and they will optimize The Division in February.

Rainbow Six Quarantine is coming out next year.

I don’t think Ubisoft will have much left to release any time soon. By the time Holidays 2021 come, all of the above games will be already heavily discounted and everyone who wanted to will have already bought them. I think Uplay on Game Pass would not hurt them as much as I had previously thought, specially if Microsoft offers good money.

Looking forward to Far Cry 6 and Prince of Persia Remake once they release the upgrade for it and Ubisoft will most likely have a new AC game in the Fall that’s next gen only so im super hyped to see what that it and location since China has been heavily rumored.

Maybe gamepass could be support a “basic” version of Uplay

“XboxEra insider ‘Shpeshal Ed’ confirms Uplay is coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2021! Read all about it.”

-Obscure internet blogsite



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Ubisoft+ would be an expensive addition. Maybe if Ubisoft started a lower tier that doesn’t get DLC or new games right away. And they still need to bring it to consoles.

They could bring it to consoles the same day they bring it to Game Pass, I mean they released it on PC, Stadia and Luna. I don’t see why it would be impossible on consoles, in fact I think it is just a matter of time.

Personally, I was hoping that Microsoft would have increased the price of Game Pass Ultimate from $15 to $20 and put EA Play in Game Pass for $10 with EA Play Pro in Ultimate. UPlay in Game Pass, UPlay+ in Ultimate. Then include all the expansions like Hivebusters for Ultimate and that would be so worth the money.