Ubisoft+ Is probably coming to gamepass on 2021

I think Is a really possibilty

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“Probably” is a stretch, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


When I click on a link it takes me to Reddit, they linked it to Twitter, Twitter has the link to some website and article is in Spanish. I feel tired after all of this lol.


True or not, it would be amazing. Ubisoft+ needs to come to consoles, but with the competition of Game Pass + EA Play in a single 15 dollar sub, it’d be hard to sell a Ubi only service, even if it’s at a much lower price. A Game Pass inclusion would make sense: Ubisoft gains enormous visibility, Microsoft gains yet another big publisher on board, as Ubisoft titles so far have been sparse, and nothing major.


I’m not buy Immortal FR for this reason alone. Idk if this post is true but the game screams Gamepass to me.

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Game Pass could go the Prime Video route and have channels from other publishers available for an additional fee, I’d imagine when the EA Play deal runs out they’ll do something similar.


as a paid add-on? i can see it

included in gpu is a stretch


I’d argue it would be something like EA Play and not the same thing as the PC version with all games launching day 1. No way would Ubi allow people to just sub to something like GP:U and get all their games, if that happens GP:U will increase in price or MS would take a massive hit. Uplay+ is $19.95 AUD and GP:U with all the subs already in there is only $15.95 AUD… it won’t add up.

The only way I see it happening is

  1. it’s only 1-2 year old games

  2. MS increases the price of GP:U

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And the Spanish article got it from idlesloth’s twitter which he got from xboxworlds.com!

As a massive Ubisoft fan, this would be great for the games in which all I want to play is the base game but if they’re not day one and it’s like EA Play, then meh, im not going to wait.

“Possibly” is really a stretch. Let’s trail the news:

  1. It is shared on XboxEra with a Reddit link;
  2. The Reddit post links a tweet from @_SomeMexicanBoi;
  3. The tweet links another tweet from @SomosXbox ;
  4. The tweet links a Spanish website called “Somos Xbox”;
  5. The website links a tweet from @IdleSloth84;
  6. The tweet links another website called “Xbox Worlds”, the origin of the rumour.

The Ubisoft rumour is grouped with nine other rumours:

On top of that, here’s Jez comment about said rumours:


Sheesh, people making articles out of that list of rumors.

That said, Uplay+ came to both Stadia and Luna. It is only a matter of time before it comes to consoles. It just won’t be included in the price. Perhaps it will comr to consoles with a $15/month standalone or $10/month add-on to Game Pass.

Does Stadia and Luna get the new releases day one? If so, I hope it’s the same for Xbox and I have no issues if it’s separate like EA Play was/is but if the new releases aren’t day one, then it’s just meh for me.

It will come to Game Pass and it won’t be an additional fee, it will likely have some sort of profit sharing Xbox because very few people are going to pay 20 dollars a month for a publisher only gaming subscription when Game Pass is only 15 dollars per month with games from every publisher.

EA Play saw the value in this and integrated its service. The fact is Xbox will be the clear industry leader for subscription gaming, they have the vehicle (consoles + Windows) for their service to go viral. When they have 50 million subscriptions, it’s a different ball game. Publishers would rather have a slice of a watermelon than a whole grape.

EA Play is a $5 a month service. Uplay+ is $15, the same price as Game Pass Ultimate. There is no profit sharing that does not come with a hike in price. It simply does not add up.

Yeah, Uplay+ is day one. Stadia and Luna you can basically think of it like adding a premium channel to your service. Like adding HBO to cable. You’re paying $15 on top of what you were already paying.

Yeah the Uplay one is a good, educated guess especially when you consider they’ve already announced a partnership elsewhere.

I also just mentioned this in another thread…when Geoff Keighley compared Game Pass to basic cable, I don’t think he meant that as an insult on the quality. I believe he was talking about it’s structure and had inside info that premium channels were going to be added on. Was my speculation back then and if Uplay and eventually EA’s premium tier are added by 2021, Game Pass serving as the base service for a more robust streaming network is taking shape.

Price is purely subjective to the publisher, there could be a new tier called Uplay which acts in the same format as EA Play and be integrated into the Game Pass.

I believe Uplay+ includes new releases.

I would have no problem paying $15 for a monthly rental to play and complete the base game. I would even go up to $20 for a month.

Me neither, though I don’t know that Uplay+ is a subscription I would keep year round like Game Pass.