Ubisoft has delayed Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora to 2023/2024 | VGC

Ubisoft has delayed the release of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Originally set to be released in calendar 2022, it will now be released in the company’s fiscal year beginning in April 2023. “We are committed to delivering a cutting-edge immersive experience that takes full advantage of next-gen technology, as this amazing global entertainment brand represents a major multi-year opportunity for Ubisoft,” the company said on Thursday.


So they have delayed 2 premium games, this and another smaller unannounced title, until 2023-2024 yet some won’t accept the impact the pandemic has had on Microsoft studios. The impact is being felt by all studios regardless if some refuse to believe. Some launch titles are only being released this year.


Funny how some were not thinking of 2023 delay but for Starfield and Redfall, guaranteed all the way. Granted, they ended up right (lucky punks…) but it’s just funny how it works. That all said I saw it coming.

So I kinda hate to be that guy, but if I were betting on major games that would be delayed, I’d have bet this one wouldn’t hit on time because ubisoft seems to be having a lot of problems with hitting targets even pre pandemic. That being said, I honestly am glad to see companies pushing stuff back to try to get it right instead of just launching half baked.

I think Hogwarts Legacy is gonna get delayed too

IMO, I think either Gotham Knights or Hogwarts Legacy gets delayed. It would be crazy if both got delayed though.

Wow, sure didn’t see that coming /s

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Nice, might be in time for the Microsoft acquisition then. Launch on Game Pass - believe!

Knew it… Most games are getting delayed these days… Ark is also not coming in the given 2023 time frame

I do not mind games being delayed. It a lot better than a buggy game being released or worse

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Almost got disappointed when I read Splinter Cell, but it is the VR game :face_exhaling:

Peter42O is not gonna be happy, in fact he’s gonna be a sad panda today.

This news really doesn’t shock me. Although the 2024 part…

It’s worth noting they’re not necessarily saying there’s any expectation it’ll come out in 2024, they’re going by financial year and saying it’s been delayed from 2022-2023 to 2023-2024.

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At least there’s still hope for Beyond Good & Evil 2 lol. Really wonder if that’s something that’ll actually release.

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It’s almost as if covid is still impacting games. Take as much time as you need, same with any studio.


Entirely possible, who knows.

Not for Xbox.

Just to keep you disappointed, what if one of those two unannounced games…

As far as I am aware, Ubisoft announced on a blog post that they were working on a Splinter Cell remake.