TV cabinets for Series X vertical orientation?

Having now seen the Series X in both vertical and horizontal orientation inside various TV cabinets I much prefer the vertical orientation but my cabinet just doesn’t have the space for this, my only option would be to wall mount but that’s not something I really want to do.

Does anyone here have suggestions for any cabinets that fit 55" TVs that also have the space for the console in vertical?

I was gonna build a custom one.

It’s 12" tall and you probably need 16" of height space or more for good air flow since it exhausts up top. A tempered glass one with custom shelf holes is a good once.

While it’s currently sold out, I purchased the following TV stand the other day and should receive it Thursday or Friday. The shelves are adjustable/removeable with the space being 15 inches vertically so you would have a few inches of extra space.

I was originally going to buy the 57" TV stand (same exact model as below) but I went with the one that was longer length wise. This way, I can lay down the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 horizontally and have plenty of space all around for full ventilation.

14 days ago I made a thread about this too and you might find some good ideas there too. :wink:

Those Ikea ones actually aren’t too bad at all. Yesterday’s XSX preview videos had some good cabinets for the console as well. I’m still not sure if I’m gonna get a cabinet for it or maybe attach a plank to the wall.

Maybe something like this

What I like about a cabinet is that dust will take a while to get into the top of the console but sitting on a plank with nothing above it…not as ideal.


I have something similar to your pic. I bought 2 sets of hand-forged iron brackets off of Etsy that I’ve mounted on either side of my TV. A friend of mine cut me off 2 planks from a 100yr old barn lumber he uses to do furniture projects. They are 12" deep & 24" wide. The have gray driftwood look to them. I got them specifically to get rid of my entertainment center. I already mounted my 55" TV to the wall using a swivel arm. It’s going to look tight when I get my Series X on there. :slight_smile:

As for dust, no worries there if you go vertical since the top is the exhaust. The dust can’t land on it if it’s always going. :wink: Might want to invest in a cover on those rare occasions it’s not being played on. LOL

Good point.

Also, dumb me.

Not so long ago I talked about that here with people, the XSX blows the heat upwards and we even discussed covers too. Jeez I’m getting old, lol.

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I got a really nice unit from IKEA, 76cm tall, 110cm wide, you can adjust where you want the shelves with ease.

I have space for my series x standing with loads of air space.

On the right side I have space for my switch, and console boxes under the shelf.

Unit was about £140ish i’ll take some pictures in a bit.

Nice! Looking forward to those because ii still can’t decide what to do.

76cm tall, 120wide.

I was worrying about a new unit to be able to have the Xbox Series X standing with plenty of air flow. (that was around the same height as old desk I was using 76cm-120wide)

Along with space for a switch and ps5 (before cancelling my ps5 order)

Another image prior to dusting the glass panel on top, but showcases the holes so you can choose shelves (optional extra purchase)

The unit was around £125-140 in total, was actually my first purchase ever from IKEA (so strange you grab the parts individually, feet, glass panel, shelves etc)

But it was incredibly easy to assemble!

That ain’t bad at all.

If it can hold a very heavy TV, I might get this too. If it’s available at my Ikea that is.

What is the name of it?

The Series X is 15.1 cm tall and I’d imagine you’d want at least another 15cm for good vertical air flow. Can you make that shelf 30cm?

Already nearly 40cm space :slight_smile:

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Can you tell me what the name of the cabinet is, I’ll go check of it’s available here as well. :slight_smile:

It’s this unit, but I have the glass topper/protector, shelves, and metal feet, I didn’t bother with the doors (unit comes in a variety of colors etc)

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That sounds great, a glass topper. So far I can’t seem to find that on the Ikea site for my country, but I’ll keep looking. This is a nice one. The only other problem I’ll have is that my current cabinet has a huge drawer full of music albums and some games. But I can always put that in a different room.

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I went into the IKEA store to look at the unit first hand, and then I went and picked the bits up myself individually :slight_smile: I took a picture of the display one, so I knew what the bits were I wanted to pick up :slight_smile:

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An xsx will fit vertically in my tv stand, but with only about in a inch of space above the main vent, i hope that will be enough clearance and wont overheat.