Tunic |OT| Zeldan Ring

Finished the demo. Hope we get a date soon. This game is special.

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Hopefully it’s coming soon and was just a timed exclusive demo on Xbox, although I’m glad console folks got to play this given Steam has gotten a demo multiple times already.

Played through the demo today and it was fun, but I’m a little sad that it’s a bit of a Souls-like (maybe more of a Souls-lite like Ashen was) in addition to the Zelda-like. I’m not a fan of the Souls games at all, though this isn’t too terrible with it. I’ll almost definitely still get it when it comes out because it’s adorable and it’s been on my list for years now, but I am a bit bummed by that aspect (and who knows, maybe everyone else already knew that about the game and I’m just playing catchup).

I enjoyed the game, but didn’t complete demo because I played enough to know I want to take on the challenge when it releases


this game is deceptive like Ori, cute and beautiful from the outside, but when you play it, MF hard as nails. I’m all for it though.

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I finished the demo and the game is pretty solid. It does need some work, but it is just a demo and obviously doesn’t have a Zelda budget/team behind it. I’m guessing we’ll get a story and more mechanics in the final game.

It’s Zelda in appearance, but definitely more Souls in gameplay/difficulty.

Was shocked at how brutal it could be lol


Agreed - I did not complete the demo, but what I played was enough to convince me to check out the full game. And it just looks gorgeous!

Played through this the other night, and man the difficulty can be unforgiving. Still I think I beat everything the demo has to give, including the skeleton boss on the side. I had the two octagon medals from the cave, but couldn’t open the door behind the skeleton anyway - too bad. I’m looking forward to the final release and will purchase sight unseen

Tunic is my type of game, and the kind of experience Xbox has been lacking

I hope there’s a lower difficulty setting available on the release game, I want this to be a super chill game even if that means the combat is never challenging.


I didn’t find the game that hard, sure I died a bunch of times in that section with the turret leading into the part with the 4 knights (by the pool with the tentacles), but it wasn’t too difficult. It is more like finding the right way to approach the encounters. It helps if you find the extra health bottles beforehand, also the dynamite helps. Did you all find the dynamite (bombs)? I found two locations and both were hidden decently.

Found the dynamites but used them to see if I could blow a hole through the wall as a shortcut. It didn’t work. So the knights and turret was tough. That’s where I ran out of time and had to do real life stuff. I dont feel compelled to keep dieing to get past that section. Just give me the “chill” setting where I can get hit more times and explore further.

I found 6 dynamites but I didn’t find them until after that section (I used them on the skeleton “boss” near the beginning). Anyway there are a couple ways to get past that part. You can run past the turret, aggro the knights and then run back. Stop at the barrels which bottleneck the knights and get some hits in. Before the turret destroys the barrels, run back towards the previous room. The turret should take out some of the knights. Any remaining knights will follow you into the other room. You can fight them there without getting surrounded. If you want you can run past them again, back into the turret room and let the turret finish them off. Alternatively you can just have the knights follow you into the water from the start where you can run around and let the tentacles slap them dead.

That is one of the neat things about the game, enemy attacks hurt each other. I think you are supposed to use them against each other.

I thought it was really easy but I beelined for the sword before fighting those harder enemies.

Played the demo last night. Was really surprised that it wasn’t just a Zelda clone. It even has some dark souls elements in it which I wasn’t expecting.

Played and looked beautiful. I’m definitely looking forward to this release more now.

It is like a Souls game in that it stupidly hides information from you and makes the experience worse! I struggled quite a bit until I learned that the potions you have refill when you die. And that the statues that heal you don’t save your progress. Or what the limited quantity items you have do. Or that the demo ends and starts you from 0 after you beat the dungeon boss.

Does anything happen if you collect all the C-Button looking things? I got 5 of them and planned to get the 6th afterwards but then the demo ended :sonic_frustrated: :salt:

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Not sure what those C-button things do, probably opens a door? As for the lack of info, I hope some of that is addressed in the full game. Apparently though you find parts of the game manual in the game as you play (like the one in the dungeon…it has a page number). To be fair Zelda games were like this. You’d be trying all of the items everywhere looking for stuff.

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i wasn’t ready for this kind of difficulty in a cutesy game. a map would be great

That is true. I guess my objection is that old Zelda games were in that sense “held back” by technical limitations and poor translations, and not an intentionally illegible language. It’s 2021 and I have too many games to play to run through the demo again for the chance of new content :sweat_smile:

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Loved the demo but haven’t played it much to save for the real deal.

Hopefully it’s not far along.