Tons of new Redfall information in interview with GamesRadar: "(Redfall) is the studio's spin on Far Cry"

Originally published at: Tons of new Redfall information in interview with GamesRadar: "(Redfall) is the studio's spin on Far Cry" - XboxEra

Games Radar has had an interview with Harvey Smith and Ricardo Bare from Arkane which contains numerous juicy nuggets of info about the studio’s upcoming title Redfall. You can find the article at:

Redfall isn’t Arkane’s Left 4 Dead – it’s the studio’s spin on Far Cry | GamesRadar+

Below are a few of the ju iciest excerpts from the interview.

On the topic of trying something different:

“It’s certainly true that if you work on the same thing for long enough you eventually want to clear your head and stretch a little,” “Maybe we stretched too much this time – we probably should have picked either an open world or cooperative multiplayer. But if Redfall comes together at the quality level we think it will, then it will be a different beast. It’s really tremendous; it does a lot of cool stuff.”

Harvey Smith – Arkane Studio Director

When asked about the comparisons to Left 4 Dead:

“It’s totally understandable for somebody to come to that conclusion. There are four playable characters, you can play together cooperatively, and you’re going against the undead. But, in terms of the way that you play and experience Redfall, it’s not like those games at all. Redfall is more like loading into Far Cry.”

Ricardo Bare – Arkane Creative Director

When asked about the choice of a real world location:

“When we started on Redfall, we wanted to tackle a familiar location for once,” laughs Smith, speaking to Arkane’s propensity for building elaborate destinations. Dunwall, an industrial whaling city overrun with plague rats; Talos I, an alt-history space station with an alien ecology; and Blackreef, an island cursed to time loop through the swinging sixties. “We wanted to take a familiar setting and go deep on it. Redfall island should be a place where, after hours of exploration, you feel like you know it the way you know Talos or Dunwall. When I say we wanted to stretch, that’s what I mean: What if we took all of our experience – and our creative values – and put it into an open world?”

Harvey Smith

There is a lot more in the article itself and it’s well worth giving Games Radar a click for.


They cite Stalker 2 and Far Cry 2 as inspiration

Hype level rising.


I can already see myself bring up a map and getting shot.

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This is the game I am looking forward to the most. And the more info I get more hyped I get

Sounds pretty good!

Ok this is starting to sound rather good.


Bullet points but do read.


Far Cry with the systems of an immersive Sim sounds pretty amazing.

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It’s a great interview that I highly suggest reading. I didn’t put most of it in the article because their hard work deserves the clicks.


Far Cry is eww but as long as it’s got similar exploration and the gameplay options Prey had, i’ll be very happy

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Sounds like it will be great for solo players too.

“I think we will eventually go back to the very sealed immersive sim-like environments,” Smith considers

Prey 2 lives


This is my most anticipated game this year.

It’s Arkane they never ever miss. Still can’t believe reviewers, they give Prey somewhat of low scores that why i don’t really trust reviews anymore. If i can, i’ll play the game myself and see instead of trusting reviews totally.

Great interview. I can´t wait to play this game.

They cited stalker and far cry 2(the best in the series) not 3,4 or 5 onwards for a specific reason.

Those two games are know for emergent gameplay.


Far Cry 3 and 4 and i would say even 5 is better then Far Cry 2 though lol.

It’s nice to read that the studio is targeting a fun franchise with high replay value.

The series onwards lacks the emergent gameplay of 2. That’s why I like two more. I can see why others would like the latest games.

But arkane cited far cry 2 for a specific reason and not the later games.

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Can’t wait.