Tom Warren: XSS GPU to be 20CU running at 1.55Ghz ≈ 3.97TF

Slightly better specifications than I thought it was going to be. No way it’s $200 (even though it should be) so I’ll stick with $300 for Xbox Series S.

Where are these numbers coming from? Aren’t they just coming up with numbers to get to 4TF?

So __CUs x 64 Shaders x ___Clock x 2 instructions per clock = 4TF fill in the blanks.

I have a feeling people are wrong on the 4TF thing and there are a couple reasons for that.

Don’t compare consoles with a dedicated graphics card. They already mentioned PS5 and X Series have Deep Learning. This is why it’s called a custom RDNA 2.0 for a reason. So until we see how the tear down works then that’s the only way we both will find out. Right now it’s all speculation.

Just because it’s not intended for you doesn’t make it lame. Having more options available for customers in different situations makes the platform stronger. I fully expect it to play much better than my One X on my 1440p monitor, because it will have the same ssd as the Series X, presumably Ray tracing, other enhancements. And honestly, my 1440p monitor looks better than my 4k monitor that’s sitting next to it (because it has better refresh and hdr) which is why I prefer to use it. Don’t buy one if you don’t like it, but no need to trash it. 1440p at 60 or possibly 120 fps sounds pretty good to me.

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Depends on the price of the other machines. If ps5/XsX are £449 ,£299 is still great value for seriesS, especially with the current economy. A lot of parents will be willing to spend £299, but not £449.

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I couldn’t say it better, also if the PS5 and the Series X are both expensive, it may be the only way for some to actually afford a next-gen console, especially in the actual context.

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The ram will be faster and it has an SSD which will probably make up for slightly less ram.

Maybe they will implement VRS + dynamic resolution on titles that struggle, they will still look great especially considering the target market.

I agree with you but I think seriesS will fair very well on 4k tvs to that are under 65inches.

If the X1S today can do 4K, why wouldn’t a next generation system be able to do it?

It can do faux 4K, just like the 1S for cross generation games. But if the PS5 is running UE5 at 1440p at 30fps, what do you think the SS will do with UE5??? Performance will be straight up terrible in comparison. That is what I mean by actual next-generation games, and I’m uncertain if the One X will be able to do more than 720p with those engines

The 1S is retired to UHD movie player, and various Indies only at that point.

No, you can configure the system output to 4K and watch 4K blu-rays and netflix. Some games are actually running higher than 1080p. Doom 64 is running at 1440p/60 on the X1S.

Its about context, in relation to next gen games and possibly some current gen ones.

Its so dumb when people are “this console can do 4k because X game is 4k”

The xbox one could do 1080p, but in mist 3rd party games it did struggle with it, probably like the PS5 will struggle with 4k.

How is that next gen context if it can’t even run games that are 4K on the X1X? Will it be able to run Forza or RDR2 in 4K?

I know what the 1S is capable of - it’s my UHD player until the SX arrives. However, a few things. One, the SS will not be able to play UHD movies, because it doesn’t have a drive. It will be able to play movies on Netflix at 4K. It will not be able to play games anywhere near 4K other than cross gen games, especially once UE5 is out in a year or so …

It might not be able to do 4k on current gen games and thats fine, its not like 1440p,1600p, 1800p are eyesaws.

But we dont know yet, the GPU is about on par with the 1x in rasterization, the CPU is way better, the mass storage is way better and the RAM is a lil faster but a little less storage.

It would seem odd if xss would not play X1 games in 1X mode because playing them in x1 mode would be a disaster and having a unique xss mode might not be plausible because it require work on a game by game basis.

We dont know enough yet for speculation to be worthwhile but from a commonsense point of view what I said in the above paragraph makes sense.

Ram doesn’t work like that. The data is going in and out of the ram at any given time. So having less Ram does not prevent you from playing a game. I can play civ 6 for instance with 8 or 16gb of ram. The more Ram a person has is helpful to a point but I get the same overall experience with 8 or 16gb.

I bet Microsoft prices the series X to match the ps5 digital edition. As it makes sense from a marketing standpoint. They can exploit the advantages they have and still claim a pricing advantage without losing much money…

They don’t have dedicated cores but they have hardware acceleration which is the important part.

On a console every mm2 matters so it makes sense the extra hardware is added in a way that doesn’t make it completely useless when not being used. In the end it’s for the better because the alternative would have be to have less cus on the gpu to make for room for the dedicated cores.

The One S can do 4K media playback, what makes you think the Series S won’t be able to do that? We may see games using CBR to reach higher resolutions, but I doubt it’ll be a focus.

They have HW acceleration on ML.

And imo, XSS should even have better ML performance than XSX because XSS may need to upscale more using SuperResolution from DirectML.

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