Tom Warren @ The Verge: Will the Xbox Series S hold back next-gen gaming?

Sounds like a ‘no’:

It is really difficult to compare raw numbers like teraflops across generations, because we think about them differently,” says [Jason Ronald, Microsoft’s director of Xbox program management]. “In general on the GPU side the Xbox Series S is effectively the same performance as an Xbox One X GPU, but it brings all the next-gen features like ray tracing, VRS, mesh shaders, and obviously when you look at the massive leaps in CPU performance and I/O performance, that’s why Xbox Series S is designed to deliver that true next-gen experience just targeting a lower resolution than Xbox Series X.

The difference in this generation is that if Microsoft’s promises for the Xbox Series S and X hold true, we could be looking at a console period that truly favors framerates and visual quality over pure resolution. The Xbox Series S might be the greatest representation of exactly that, allowing players to get the higher framerates many want to see from the next generation of games.


from what I have read this is ment to be 4x more powerful than the xbox one x yet less powerful than the xsx that makes sense so dont see how this is ment to hold things back

Is this new?

…Microsoft is doing work at the display controller level to get higher image quality and improved color correction for crisper and more accurate images when games are being upscaled

I guess this is on top of the Auto-HDR feature…which they really should be showing off.

Is HDR even common at all on 1080p TV’s?

Great question…no idea. But Xbox are working on it, at least for Series X/4K.

There is no CTA/EDID standard for (dynamic) HDR support for 1080p or below.


Thanks for the info. :+1:

So Auto-HDR is just for Series X. So this display controller level work is something else Xbox have cooked up for Series S. Could just be a better upscaler, maybe more.

Need not be that, its technically possible that game can generate dynamic metadata, and render in HDR and if connected to a 4K TV, it can pass on the data to the TV, and not perform a tone mapping from HDR to SDR. These are all technical, not sure what XBox will plan to support.

SS supports auto hdr too, it can even connect to 4k screen upscaling the image (your previous post right before this one was about the hardware scaler improvements)

4 times the cpu as X, around the same gpu performance + next gen features (and aimed at lower res).

Compared to xbone Ms said over 4 times the gpu performance too, though not sure if just rounding from flops or considering the better architecture.

Guess who will hold back next gen?

Is this true? Wow if so.

The tweet is from one of the writers for XBOXERA, the site we’re on. Better ask the mods.

I basically did, no? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It’s on the site we’re on, I’m sure they’ll read it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I understood :sunglasses:

Hopefully cause it is propagating like a wildfire. Where there’s smoke…

There was no numbers previously that I saw but yeah it’s been around Twitter for a month or two. They should have stuck to the top profile.

The top one at 1,8 GHZ means 8,5 TF approximatively. Seems to be the best balance for the PS5

It’s the GPU running without overclocking and the CPU not too far away from XSX so it makes sense. Could have been cheaper, smaller and quieter.

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