Time for some fun.. a Xbox IP tier list

Time for some admin approved fun. We all love and hate tierlists… but with all the new IP Microsoft acquired this week it couldbe fun to make a list of the IP that you think are the biggest and most important for Microsoft.

And as this is a discussion board, I’d love to see some argumentation why you placed certain IP’s higher or lower.

Oh, and there are tens if not hundreds of IP missing in this list obviously. I’d love to hear which ones you’re missing and why you think they are important for Microsoft’s future!

Here’s the link:

I’m not playing until that list includes Mech Assault, Shadowrun, Crimson Skies, PGR and Lost Odyssey.


Some argumentation for mine in the OP.

While Flight Simulator and Age of Empires are obviously both big IP, I think the ones in the S and A tier are going to be Microsoft’s most important ones right now. The ‘blockbuster’ games, you could say.

There’s only one IP I actively dislike in this list and that’s Rage. So a deserving D nomination in my opinion.

And I’m obviously missing Battletoads, Rise of Nations, Grounded, ReCore and… Scalebound?

Imagine Microsoft knowing these IP still exist.

Add them!

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How? LOL

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That was for @SuikerBrood :rofl:

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Oh. Yeah Suiker! Get to work!

PGwhat? Mech who?

You’re fired!


Hope I don’t offend anyone

It is a fascinating list, lol. I expect this is based on your personal preference. Funny how all genres are mixed, you got RPG’s in A and D, you got shooters in S and C. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Offend away. I like seeing people not follow the normies with their gaming tastes.

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Here’s mine, personal preference of course:


Conker above B&K, @Klobrille will be happy with you.


Age of Empires is an A at worst

The game in some countries is more popular than a good chunk of those IP, and is one of the crown jewels on Microsoft PC initiative. It has the edge over Microsoft Flight Simulator that it will probably require a much less demanding PC to fully enjoy it

Heh, always thought Conker was the better old-school Rare platformer.

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I like all genre (outside of fighting games) but there has to be one big positive thing in the game so I vote it up. For example I’m a big fan of immersive sims but I hate the fighting in dishonerd… Prey on the other side is a perfect game for me.

I like We happy Few more than Dishonerd because the fighting there is simple.

I’m offended :rofl::rofl:

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I think starfield needs to be on this list because an RPG in space by Bethesda is one of the more valuable IP in all of gaming and it hasn’t even been shown yet

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